Liverpool vs Union Saint-Gilloise, October 5 Thursday 20:00

After the scam of last night, the Reds will look to regroup and reignite their season against Union Saint-Gilloise (USG) in the Europa League. The Belgians are currently third in the league, but they can top the table if they win their game today. They had a pretty credible European campaign last season and this season shouldn’t be different either.

The Reds are likely to spare their key players, but it wouldn’t be too surprising to see a certain Argentinian making a cameo. Curtis Jones is also likely to start since he will be suspended for the following PL game. Trent will likely get some minutes to improve his sharpness, but it’s unlikely that he will start.

Gomez Konate Quansah Tsimikas
Gravenberch Endo Jones
Doak Gakpo Jota


Kelleher Trent Ibou Quansah Kostas Endo Grav Elliott Doak Nunez Jota

I’d be surprised if Gakpo plays again this season tbh, huge shame.

Is Kelleher confirmed to start all group stage games?

Trent Konate Quansah Tsimikas
Gravenberch Endo Jones
Doak Nunez Jota

Jota suspension in the league and Gakpo injury mean we have to be careful with our options in attack. Would bring in Harvey for Nunez at the hour mark if things go well.

Maybe just maybe Thiago can come on from bench so that Dom or Alexis can have a game off.

We need @Dutch in here asap with the referee list and their resumes. Infact should be part of the opening post from now on.

I got this

Referee: not a shit english one Assistants: not a shit english one, not a shit english one. Fourth official: not a shit english one. VAR: not a shit english one. Assistant VAR: not a shit english one.


It’s semi automated VAR so that should say computer assisted not guess work or inability to understand what is being asked of them (5 year olds pass that test).


Got to be a bit clever on how we manage Jota depending on what this is with Nunez, especially if we say Gakpo is long term we do have options.

Graverbach I assume may well now start the next PL game, so some minutes here then rotated out around 60.

Lucky the injuries so far have been manageable but yeah fingers crossed it’s not an ACL.

The major one is that Merseyside Derby though Jota is only one game so that’s not a massive issue as he will be needed upfront in that. I’d probably consider Dom on the right side in that with Salah in the centre and Jota on the left then we can introduce Dias and Nunez into that however unless Thiago is fit it leaves our CM short.

Might be worth a punt on Doak in a derby, but yeah come to that bridge, got to half think Trent might be worth bringing into that CM and continue Gomez anyone we will see.

We will probably know the extent of Gakpo when this game happens and whether Jones will be appealed or not.

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This one’s on me birthday. Forty bastard one.

In honor of me, I’m tipping the lads to win it 4-1.


I’d give Trent the first hour or 70 minutes, as he works his way back from injury, and bring on Joe to close the game out.

With Gakpo injured, I’d play Diogo centrally and have Jones on the left, with Harvey partnering Ryan in midfield.

Agree with the rest of your selection. :+1:


How bad is Gakpo’s injury ?

There’s going to be one team which is absolutely going to get smashed because of the response that the team will give after the Spurs shitshow.

All I hope is Klopp channels that aggression to all the games this season. We’re hurt , we’re bleeding and we’ll be doubly dangerous now with a point to prove.


I missed the Gakpo injury news. I think Nunez will start instead.

I’m sure that Jürgen and his team will know the personnel, formation and tactics to see us through this game. COYR YNWA :+1: :nerd_face:


Yay! Proper football again. The game is on one of the RTL+ streams for those of us in Germany (with the subscription, of course).

Hopefully a stress free 3 points for us.


Given that it’s not the PL, I agree with your statement

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Jürgen and his team nearly always know what they’re doing, including in the PL.

It’s the officials who don’t… Well, they do, actually. They’re deliberately sabotaging our chances.


If you’re right about this the way you’re right about everything else, he’ll start this match.

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If Klopp’s right about him leaving the ground yesterday in a knee brace the same way Diaz and Jota left the grounds last season in knee braces, his season’s as good as over.

Hopefully just precautionary. We’ll see.


Jones Konate Quansah Tsimi
Elliot Endo Gravenberch
Doak Nunez Jota

I can see Klopp go back to the line up vs Leicester in the cup.
Trent (or Gomez) to come on in second half and push Jones up in midfield. The midfielder who will replace Jones (Ryan or Harvey) vs Brighton to come off.

Hopefully Salah, Diaz, Mac and Dome can remain on the bench the whole game so they’re fresh for the weekend.

Wouldn’t risk Nunez in this given Gakpo’s injury. Give Gomez and Trent a half each at RB and use Jones further up.

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