Liverpool vs. West Ham, EFL Cup Quarterfinals, Wednesday December 20, 20:00 GMT

Need to get back to the winning ways, specially with the impending top of the table clash with Arsenal.


Great chance for an early trophy with one of Chelsea/Newcastle dropping out for the semi-final and opportunity to knock out West Ham at home also. Hope we can find enough balance and quality in our selection and performance on the night to pull it off.


I am starting to wonder if the bad form of Dom, Mo, Diaz etc. could be a rhythm issue? Until the last Kangaroo cup game (after which the form started to decline visibly), we had two different line-ups for weekend and midweek match (11 or 10 changes between them), but despite that, the benched forwards and no. 8s came in around the 70’ (e.g. in Europa League match, Dom, Mo and Diaz always came off the bench). So while being well rested (due to not having started the midweek match), they still remained in rhythm due to having played 15-20 minutes on Wednesday/Thursday.

I would say Klopp should embrace similar strategy this week against West Ham and send Mo, Diaz and Dom in around the 70’ (and of course not start them in order not to run them into the ground).

Yes, rotation is needed for this one - maybe not as many changes as for the Europa League dead-rubber last week, but I still expect at least 6 changes in the starting XI. I would say Gomez, Quansah, Jones, Elliott and Gakpo are definite starters on Wednesday. We could also see some kids starting (Doak, maybe Bradley or Chambers). It would be very helpful if Mac and/or Jota could make the bench for this one. They should be back soon hopefully.

Oh yes, and start Darwin to possibly play him into form. He should not start against Arsenal anyway now.


Delighted to say I was lucky enough to get my ticket for this one this morning so none of you tossers will have to put up with me…in the pre-match thread at least.

Can’t wait to see the new Annie Road in person, from the inside.

Desperate for us to go through here, a SF place should not be overlooked & this is the best shot we’ll have at a trophy so hopefully only 4-5 changes instead of 9-10.

Kelleher Bradley Quansah Virgil Kostas Endo Harvey Jones Salah Nunez Gakpo


Where’s your seat?

KG, Row 18.

Should’ve gone CE3 but I panicked thinking tickets would be sold out lol, surprised to see there is still a fair few on sale now.

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Crowd will probably be better being a cup game.

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Wednesday night, same as for the famous European nights at Anfield. The crowd should be up for it. If not, we are surely counting on @The-AllMightyReds to fire them up!


I’m sure that Jürgen and his team will know the personnel, formation and tactics to see us through this game. COYR YNWA :+1: :nerd_face:

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@Iftikhar golden rule. It’s called the honorable EFL cup or League Cup as long as were involved.

You can call it Kangaroo Cup as soon as we’re out.


The last time we won it in 2021-22, the competition was ALWAYS listed as “Kangaroo Cup” before the match. @Iftikhar was therefore completely right to list it as such.
I therefore blame @GermanRed for wrongful disturbance if we lose this one.


Members sale along with cup scheme.

Bound to better.

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Is the full new stand open now ? Or just half of it like yesterday !

In the current shape it is, it will be full at the end of January. Then, next summer, they will add around a hundred more seats in that lower Annie corner. Plus fix the bits and pieces on the roof (for which the truss needs to go in again).

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Wednesday, 20th December 2023

Liverpool v West Ham United (20:00)
Edward Smart and Nick Greenhalgh
Fourth Official : Anthony Taylor

No VAR …

Yeah only VAR in the final I believe.

And isn’t that Baldrick from Blackadder?

Michail Antonio is West Ham’s only missing player for this one.

Probably a good thing, usually been crap against teams without about 10 players and he is always an issue against us.

I feel the 11 goals we should have scored yesterday will come on Wed.



The new stand was full of cardboard cutouts on Sunday.