Losing the midriff "wobble" or the TAN diet/exercise thread

Welcome to my world. Eating sensible and in control during the day at work unless I’m doing something tedious but even then I’m doing ok at the moment. I get home and become a cross between a ravenous Tasmanian Devil and the Cookie Monster. It ain’t pretty.

Weekends are also a struggle.

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Short update on running.

Yesterday decided that I would look at increasing my distance and focused hard on simply getting round. I had a soft target of at least 5 miles and kind of made my route up on the hoof.

Without pace being a factor I can honestly say I felt pretty comfortable most of the way round with only my hip and ankles needing a quick stretch about a third of the way in. I got that second wind feeling.

I covered 5.3 miles with room for more if I wanted to. I was happy with that at a pace that was just over 10 minutes per mile on the road sections getting slower off road.

Garmin didn’t like this approach and immediately docked a point off my VO2 max score.:angry:

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Try upping your protein intake - many people find protein more satiating and so are less inclined to over-eat.

Another good tip is to eat a salad before your main course.

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Thanks! Yeah gonna try a protein shake from tomorrow

I’m still struggling with the weight loss side I think but I’ve had an ok week exercise wise. In addition to the 5.3 mile run on Monday I followed the with 4.1miles yesterday and 8miles mountain biking this evening.

The cycling is a bit odd. My average heart rate this evening was 136bpm and only really spiked to a peak of 167bpm for a very short time. Of the 1hr 20minutes on the bike only 16minutes of it was above 142bpm. I working hard though so I’m guessing it’s a function of strength not on a par with my aerobic level.

I’ve been feeling slightly thinner round the waist but it’s not translated into any pounds off for some reason.

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Is that because you’re building muscle and losing fat

I don’t know. It’s possible I guess. I certainly lost a fair bit of strength in my left leg when my hip was at its worst. And then both legs did need building up after 2 years Covid etc.

Normally I’d expect the scales to down a bit to start with but they have been pretty much locked in one spot.

Speaking of Covid, I’m not convinced I’m quite the same after that either.

Keep it up anyway,if you’re losing the inches i would think that must be a better indicator than the weight loss.
I’m hoping to start something myself over the coming days so i’ll be taking my lead from you lads who gone before. :grinning:

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Yeah, not stopping as aerobic fitness is important to me. Just got to control my eating a bit better.

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3 days of burning at least 1200 calories and eating no more than 1600. So far. Ran away from free pizza at work

A healthy diet is pretty simple when you get down to basics.

Eat protein and vegetables. Never use vegetable oils. Use only olive oil or butter. Drink water and have a glass of red wine a few times a week. Eat some (non-tropical) fruits occasionally.

Thats it.

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Easier said than done. Carbs (the right ones) are also important but in the right proportion.

I’m not a million miles away from that, barring the odd blow out but being on a plant based diet has / is a challenge. The cravings for certain things seem to be more extreme somehow. Going to try hard and behave a bit better over the weekend now. I need to add some off work day discipline. At work I’m a completely different animal to the one at home. Hence, despite the ability to work from home on occasion I’m in every day. Home working is not for me, from a health perspective (and cost now too!!). Maybe a little too much fruit and carbs.

I dont want to go extreme with the diet as that always leads to a dead end. I’ve also got to remember that my dietary needs may vary a little to most people thanks to the kidney problems. I’m not sure how much plant based protein it is safe for me to handle animal based stresses kidneys more I think but I could be wrong on that.

I might post up what I’ve eaten today. Partly for people’s thoughts but secondly to force myself into avoiding the shame of having to post up something naughty.

Training for Nov half marathon going ok, some early minor injuries, sore hip, knee… but mostly from not being active enough for way too long. Up to 6 miles today. Happy with that. Blisters on instep of heels a pain, but some moleskin doing the trick as skin toughens up a bit.

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Things get weirder.
Yesterday I had my milkshake breakfast.
Then nothing for lunch but I went a bit naughty and had a cheese sandwich mid afternoon. Tea was a veg and tofu stir-fry. It had a little bit of rice in it.

Lost the plot afterwards had a couple choccy biscuits and some cereal for supper.

I lost 2lbs. So trying hard to eat super healthy, I lose nothing. Misbehave, no fruit bar the milkshake and I lose weight.

You are getting there, imagine if you had kfc family bucket up sized, you would have lost 20.

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But seriously I experience that myself and i never understood that too… I can only say our bodies work in mysterious ways… I decided that as long I eat healthily and balanced, I cannot be too wrong

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I’m getting some rather odd results at times with my pedometers.

While I know the length of the track that I run in , the pedometers both on my phone and the smartwatch are really showing fucked up distances.

What they do get relatively right are the number of steps that I do.

For example , I had a 35 min run covering about 6250 steps. By my estimate I’ve covered about 6.9km. My height is 5’9.5 (the 0.5 does matter in terms of steps).

This is a moderate run for my standard as I wasn’t wearing my main walking shoes and really didn’t feel like running.

But is there a basic formula or a calibration that I can do with my smart watch so that the distances shown are more accurate.

The distance today for example shows as 2.9km. the phone on the other hand is somewhat more accurate but also acts up at times as well.

Both the phone and the smartwatch show the se amount of steps fwiw

Out of interest, how often do you weigh yourself?

An interesting report in the journal Nature.
Not only does it appear that obesity carries a far greater morbidity risk from Covid, but it also dramatically increases the infection rate of people around obese carriers.

In short, if you are obese and contract covid, you will pass it on to more people than a carrier who is not obese.

“These findings indicate that the increased BMI and obesity convey an increased risk of infection for their contacts, although confirmation of this will certainly require additional studies. It is known that patients with obesity and influenza shed the virus for a significantly longer period of time than people who are lean [6], and that obesity creates a state of chronic inflammation which impairs the immune response and favors the emergence of new, more virulent influenza strains [7, 8]. We agree with Aghili et al. [1] that relations between influenza and obesity can certainly be extrapolated to the current COVID-19 pandemic [9], which undoubtedly embodies a worrisome synergy with the concurrent obesity pandemic” [10].


every other day or so. Same time every morning. Not the best set of scales I admit, a bit knackered to be honest.