Losing the midriff "wobble" or the TAN diet/exercise thread

I wonder what fitness routine these guys follow :0)


They’re on a seefood diet- they see food and eat it.

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you absolutely could, just do some calisthenics while on the board. or a short shoulder-width piece of framing lumber on a rolling pin for less “risk” of falling off.

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Is there anything sadder than a single donought?

For the sake of humanity you should be buying them in pairs :rofl:

Not if the donut is the size of your entire waistline, as is clearly indicated by the mug

Yes, a donut with half of it missing in the middle.

[quote=“aussielad, post:1441, topic:359, full:true”]
Is there anything sadder than a single donought?

Yes… One where someone has licked the chocolate off the top before you get it

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That really would justify bringing back the death penalty.

Yeah, that’s what my daughter keeps threatening me with next time she catches me doing it… :0)

and she would be right and justified :wink:

Same story here. That and I tore my right lat 3 years ago and it has been prone to varying degrees of injury ever since. This year in particular, sprained it 4 times already. Finally figured that I should work on flexibility and strengthening the area. :rofl:

I have 2 suits in the wardrobe, they only see daylight for funerals.
Tried them both on last week, didn’t get within 2 inches of mating the button with the button hole.
Things need to change.

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Shit how it creeps up on you like that isn’t it?

I’m fine
I’m fine
All good


I’m 31. Got into the best shape since I was 19 by May this year. Got ill, went on holiday in june, and have barely trained since. Looked at myself last week and was gutted at all the progress I’d ruined.

My motivation to get in the gym and lift weights is really low right now, but I’m making a token effort.

Started running which I’m more excited for. Done my second run today, 5k in 28.49. 25 minutes will be my first target I guess (well, not getting injured will be goal #1). Might even incorporate some sprint workouts in there at some point.


It didn’t creep up on me though.
I saw it happening every day.
Eating junk food, eating portions bordering on gluttony, frequently snacking and doing fuck all exercise.
The suit thing was just a wake up call.

I’m not going to set targets, not going on a diet, just going to change my eating habits and exercise more.

Edit:- Tomorrow though. Going for a pint at tea time, first one in weeks.

That’s a good time. You being 31 probably have age on your side as well. As opposed to being in the late 30s onwards.

when I got married 20yrs ago, I weighed 203lbs. then went traveling for a year, dropped to 185.

I just hit 203lbs again. stopped doing my morning yoga and calisthenics for a few months, and haven’t played footy in 18mo.

I walked to and from the pub, approximately 7000 steps.
Previously, I’d have got a taxi both ways, especially in November.
Is that a good start? :innocent:


Quick tip - the more pints you have, the more steps you take on the way home.