Losing the midriff "wobble" or the TAN diet/exercise thread

He was playing in midfield, winger would sort of overstate it.

Tactically, just about every one is playing a 4-4-2. The average age is much closer to 50, so the tactics don’t look that different from younger, just slower. Which is funny, because Canadian soccer is generally heavily influenced by the traditional British style, lots of pressing to win the ball back. What makes the league fun is we have ethnic clubs that will play very different styles, more like their original homelands, so you get surprisingly interesting games…sort of a geriatric World Cup at its best.

The older players are generally treated with a good deal of deference though, so those games usually have a very different feel. Some games can be quite feisty (had one last summer finish 9 v 9), others are low key. I prefer the former at this stage, but either way the post-game beer is good.


beers, pal. Beers… plural

Nations Cup is an annual tradition here and a very hotly contested tournament

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Many moons ago the company (huge contractor) worked for used to have company wide 5 a side tournament.

It was the most viscous, brutal, bad tempered series of games I’ve ever played. Completely nuts especially when you consider that you coukd have ended up working with them at some point. It was as if everyone had their psycho switch flipped.

check this out… EA Sports in Burnaby has their own league. pitch covers the parkade, is 3/4 size of a reg pitch they do 6-a-side.