Luis DIAZ: 2022/23

No surgery but stlll 6-8 weeks out.

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Positive stuff

We don’t half need his fire back, he’s been a huge miss.


According to Klopp he was out running on the pitch today.


Sounds positive looks like he should be fully ready for when we return.


:laughing: Having a hard time making the words “Laporta”, “financial” and “truth” stick together… i hate jigsaws

I think we could have signed anyone if we had the money.

They are still sour over that 4-0.

We wanted to sign someone but we didn’t and someone else did.

Fascinating insights from Romano and Laporta there.

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This was reported back in the summer.

laying the groundwork for a future bid?

Next step will be MARCA quoting Laporta that he spoke to Diaz and he wants to sign for Barca,

the usual shite we see from Barca

Or simply appeasing fans. We tried but your last president fucked us. Not our fault.

Diaz also said he would like to play for a Spanish club but admits it’s more of a ‘childish dream’ than anything serious.

“I would like to play for a Spanish club, that has always attracted my family’s attention, but it is more of a childish dream.”

Won’t be here for too long if you ask me.

Of course you left this part off

Now, I only think about lifting trophies & making history with #LFC, which is one of the biggest clubs in the world."


Makes no difference to me.

Sounds like someone who has a plan to stay for three or four years, then refuses to extend his contract here to join Barca or Real before he’s 30. He’ll be 26 in January so probably won’t get many chances.

Never heard Bobby, Fab, Alisson or Diogo talk about wanting to play in Spain later in their careers. They still might do but always been professional enough to not talk about it.

Díaz been here for 10 months and talks about that shit at his first opportunity.

oh relax already. he’s well within his right to fulfill his contract and move on if he sees fit

My god, fickle and feisty bunch in here these days. so many snide comments. getting tiresome to read.


They don’t have to say it in public, we know most players want to end up at those clubs (they’re two biggest clubs in Europe), let alone players of those nationalities. Will they ever earn it? Not all will, few. If it happens, nothing other to do than get the most money we can at that time and move onto someone else. He still has things to prove here also. I’m relaxed.


Too many not only expecting the roof to cave in but poking at it to see if it does.


Excited Lets Go GIF

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