Luis DIAZ: 2022/23

did you actually read the interview? His idols were Ronaldinho and Messi growing up in S.America

Name one S. American footballer who hasn’t wanted to play for Barca/Real at some point in their life.

Would you rather he lie than tell the truth? :face_exhaling:


I’d say nothing - just like his South American team mates who are here for many years and won everything.

He can dream of what he wants but keep it to himself.

next time you see him, you should tell him that. See what he says.

We’re still considered stepping stone to join Barca? :thinking:

to the latin football community, the Bernabeu and Camp Nou will always be meccas for football. that’s just how it is.


Diaz is a smashing player. Can’t wait to see him back in a red shirt for hopefully a big second half of the season for us.

Apart from that, nothing much to see here for me. South Americans liking Barcelona and Real Madrid? Of course they do. I’m not bothered in the slightest about that.

He has work to do in a red shirt. He knows that. He is under a long contract and is paid well. There won’t be any issue with his effort for us.

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Jesus, This has hit GR quite hard hasn’t it…doesn’t take much to set some people off the wrong way.

Personally have no issue with what he said, for me the actions on the pitch speak louder and he’s been nothing but a fighter in every game he’s played in.

Not every player has to stay here until they retire, another 3-4 years of him is all we need…we’d have seen the best version of him just like we did Torres Coutinho Can Gini amongst others that have left.


Maybe he wants to play for Sevilla.

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So pleased to see this.


And if he leaves in 3 years and that cheque pays for VVD and Alisson level players. Win win.

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We should be able to accept that lots of South American lads see Real or Barca as the end goal. That’s just reality.

My problem is…Barca? They are a total fucking head case of a club. They are up to their tits in debt, and there is a high likelihood the manager who wanted you will be shown the door a fortnight after you arrive, and you’ll see out your contract sitting on the bench.

Why anyone would dream of playing there is a mystery to me.

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Wasn’t long ago we were worse………. I’d have crawled over hot coals to sit on our bench.


Fully agreed. I don’t have an inferiority complex when it comes to Real Madrid but I accept that not everyone is Stevie and that almost every player in the world would jump at the chance to play for them ahead of Liverpool. I didn’t know much about Tchouameni but I found it more important to beat Real Madrid in the race for such a player in order to set an example for the future. Their lure is too strong, unfortunately.

Barcelona, on the other hand… I wonder if a player’s representatives, after being contacted by them, will inform their client in detail about the debt weighing heavily on the club, players being forced out to raise funds or players having their wages deferred or cut because the club is skint. If you care about your client, surely you won’t advise them to go there?

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Way people react it’s like he has gone already.

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It’s not just about being a club in the temporary doldrums. They treat players like shit.


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It’s just adding to the shitness of the day.

That’s what happens when we have no medical team