Luis DIAZ: 2022/23

It’s appallingly poor from the medical team if this is indeed what happens.

That is harsh as this isn’t a perfect science. Surgery when it is not needed poses its own risks and so you can do little more than play the probabilities. Sometimes that means you get outcomes that arent the best case or even median case. That doesn’t necessarily make it the wrong decision to have tried to avoid surgery, as even now it might not require it.


Players have setbacks when they come back from injuries it is a ‘normal’ thing that sucks but it happens.


They do yes, they don’t seem to usually follow a pattern set out by Limie above.

Something seriously wrong with this clubs medical department, I won’t criticise the new guy and hopefully he can get it into shape, 19 injuries was a joke sorry but that’s more than just bad luck.

Ignore me it’s one of those days of self pity

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Liverpool started the season flat, hungover from going so close to winning the lot, and not having a proper break. We were vulnerable for a stretch, and everyone was beating us.

Arsenal started the season with real momentum. They have been spending the past few years, and they have backed Arteta to jettison expensive dead wood, and shape his team. He was borderline but Arsenal backed him and they responded with a fast start to the season.

At the time of the game there was a sense that Arsenal were on the up and we were vulnerable.

Usually Arsenal play nice football and are a fair team, but they were flying in on the day. I remember Martinelli lunging in, studs up, on Trent, for example.

Partey’s foul on Diaz was appalling. It was multiple fouls and wrestling, culminating in him slamming his whole weight down on Diaz’s knee after he hacked and grappled him down.

It was shit, and not the sort of stuff I expected from Arsenal.

Unfortunatley the referees do not protect the players adequately. They often lack the insight to know what is going on in front of them. They blow up and clamp down on nothing issues, yet allow the really dangerous stuff to flow. Incompetent Bastards.

Good luck to Luis Diaz. Smashing player who plays with joy. Pace to burn, can beat a man for fun, and he was starting to weigh in with a few goals too.

Good luck in your recovery. YNWA

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Twitter says 2 months…

Yes because Twitter knows better than the club doctors who haven’t even diagnosed him according to Jürgen.


Is that doctor Twitter…:sunglasses:

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I do like that, we didn’t know he was injured 2 hours ago now it’s 2 months.

Ah well whatever, 2 months would hopefully have him back for the CL.

I’ll wait and see what happens. Might be best just to see what turns on match day.

We won’t get another forward just off the basis of this, but there is a case to say we need another one, especially someone who can play off the right, similar to Mo. kudus has impressed me, but I haven’t seen the requisite ten games, just going on what I’ve seen in the World Cup! Dangerous, I know.

Anyway, with Diaz out longer, I half wonder if we will go with two up top, and four in midfield, perhaps in a diamond?

I’d like to see Salah and Nunez see if they can form a partnership, working the channel and coming in from each side, but playing a bit more centrally together in a two.

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Fuck fuck fuck

I said to @mattyhurst these things can happen in coming back from injury but now he needs surgery, is this the same injury and if so should he not have surgery in the first place ?

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Isn’t it pretty much a rule that if you can avoid surgery you should?

Well it has grown him back 6 weeks, what is the gain …

That’s very much a view in hindsight.

It could very well have been that he recovers naturally, without any need for surgery, even if a little delayed.

In any case, I’m not sure why we’re relying on Twitter for “news”.

Burn the witch!

The Colombian journalist you are citing is claiming that it’s a new injury to a different ligament.

Oké, thank you. :+1: