Major League Baseball

I support the Orioles since 1999 and yes I know we where shite most of those years. :smiley:

But my wife and I fell in love with hem during a visit to Baltimore where we witnessed a 10th inning grand slam homerun from Harrold Baines against the White Sox that won the game. The whole Yard was on their feet and so were we. Visit them manny times true the years in mostly bad times but what can you do. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

My question is, who do you support and how did that happen?

BTW, yesterday it was 25th anniversary of Cal’s 2131. He true the first pitch to his son Ryan, still has a decent arm, gained a few pounds though :sunglasses:

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I’ve had a soft spot for the Red Sox from the mid-90s, I think just because I hated the Yankees.

I honestly cannot remember.

But I will watch any game of baseball. It reminds me of test cricket and I fecking love it.


I’m a Dodgers fan. Talk about another long wait for a championship. To be fair, I haven’t watched much baseball. Couldn’t spend 4 hours doing it other than when Kershaw pitched.

Having said that, this Mookie Betts has me watching again. Kid is electric—best player in baseball right now, in my useless opinion. Which reminds me. I need to order a number 50 jersey.

Mooookiiieee laaaaad.


Angels fan here. Grew up equal distance from Dodger and Angel stadium. Angel tickets were cheaper at the time so my old man took me to a game. He caught a foul ball for me, and haven’t strayed since. Been tough couple of years as an angel fan, but I did get to attend game 6 of the 2002 World Series… what an experience


Never been to a playoff game. I have though been at a no-hitter (Lester at Fenway against KC) and a cycle (Eric Byrnes).

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