Mason Mount (Chelsea FC) CM/AM/LW

There are many who don’t want this one to happen so probably makes sense to let the guy who started the Bellingham thread start this one too, you’re welcome :grimacing:

You have to question where we’re going as a club if we’re prioritising someone like Mason fucking Mount.

What’s worst is he probably won’t be the only plastic we sign from that stain of a club.

Good player, good character, but I feel he’s not what we need and that this summer is one for a few moves that fully make sense.

The club obviously think he can immediately be or with time become what we need. Because what do, or don’t do anymore, but need is something he hasn’t played regularly and successfuly yet in his career. In fact, the few times I’ve seen him play as part of midfield (for club and country), he immediately looked a worse player. We are another team, so it’s fair if we feel we could do something together which didn’t happen yet.

If he plays LCM, that is pretty different to what Gini (please, let’s not compare too much Gini and Mount, it’s lazy) did and what Thiago does. More offensive, more reminiscent of when Coutinho played half of the time under Klopp as the offensive LCM.

If he plays RCM, that is pretty different to what Henderson does, on a side that requires careful picking due to the “unusual” dynamic between Trent (we’ll come to that in a sec) and Salah (we’ll come to that in two).

I’m guessing the club’s main objective hope will be that he plays like a more rounded Coutinho (less shots and more combination play, better defending) or a Lallana.

But I also must say the fact that his good ball manipulation in tight spaces and the fact that he can run a lot doesn’t make him a perfect fit for our midfield. The first doesn’t mean he’s the creative style of Thiago, the latter doesn’t mean he’s a pressing instigator and defender like Henderson.

We’re only 2 games in with our “new” structure, although only in one phase of the game, so it’s hard to know if we’re going to keep it and build on it for next season. Would we then want a more offensive player than we’re used to, playing how City position some of their CM’s when we’re on the ball, very high? Possibly, but a lot of question marks remain.

Is there a possibility that with time, we revert to a 4-2-3-1? Yes, but also, as long as Salah is here, then that’s not bringing the best out of him anymore and he’s still comfortably our main goalscorer. So, it would be up to Mount if he can even be at Liverpool and be important at Liverpool long enough to command a change of structure.

And who knows who will even become our new central guy. Is it Nunez, Gakpo or someone else? Because Mount theoretically as the single #10 is not the best fit with any of them. Mount behind Gakpo doesn’t really make sense.

Plus, even if Mount is a better and more proven player than them, we actually already have a few players who could reach that level in the near future. The likes of Jones and Elliott. Carvalho I’m not going to mention yet because he’s yet to show he can be part of us.

Some recent stuff, both for club and country, he’s been playing wasn’t great even in his natural position. I feel a bit of his danger, unpredictability, being concrete and providing numbers has dropped. He was always on the edge, is he really a calibre of player who would command being a key player in such an important position. Lately, he’s been dropping below the standard.

I actually feel it would be better for him to try and make that conversion to a more deeper role, but wanting and trying is different to succeeding. And some club actually buying that player, which would still be an important transfer, certainly not a “let’s throw £7m at Minamino and even if he’s crap and never plays, we’ll make a profit”.

Don’t have a problem with the player, but I think there are better fits for us, more clearer moves out there that bring us the elements we need.

If the club do it, I have nothing else to do other what I do with every incoming transfer, whether I initially like it or not. Wait and be curious, open for it to work.

Good luck to us.


The clubs enthusiasm for Mount goes back before Klopp. We’ve tried to get him a few times, including trying to get him before he signing pro terms with Chelsea.

I think he’s a cracking player. Always impressed me whenever I’ve seen him play.

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I fucking hate this rumour. Hes crap.



Yeah, course he has Mascot. :rofl:

That’s your typical response to someone that’s bought into the hype from the offset isn’t it?

Many posts in here will sound as if they have been copied from the old Ox rumor thread minus the injury concerns.

Similar age. Versatile. One year left of his contract. English/homegrown. Premier League proven. First player for Klopps midfield rebuilt.

Coming from a direct rival - that’s what causes the most concerns. Because we have good young players too. Red tinted glasses and stuff.

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For me he’s a good player, and there are obviously better players, and there’s certainly question marks over his suitability in our system.

But if we go for him, I’d be confident that it’s because people who know more than me are confident that he could be an effective midfielder for us.



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It must’ve been a hell of a coincidence don’t you think that every time you’ve seen him play, he’s lit a spark in your eye?

If we had unlimited funds then go for it but we dont so I’m not sure I get the thinking. Klopp says we have to be perfect in the transfer market so spending money on two ready made midfielders should be the priority.

Erm, no. I just mean he’s impressed me when I’ve seen him play. Why are you being such a prick?

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I’m not, I’m only trying to get behind the “impressed everytime I’ve seen him play” quota and how much bearing we can really use off by that or if it’s just an overused saying thrown around to be in favour for a signing because its someone the recruitment team has singled him out. To be saying that about a player like Mount is a big statement, don’t think I can even say that for KDB, Messi or Mbappe.

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He’s been playng 50+ games in a premier league team for the last three and half seasons. How much more ready made do you want him?

Sure there might be a period of getting used to our system, but that would be true of anyone.

I doubt most of us here have a problem he comes from Chelsea. Who bloody cares what are their names, nationalities, clubs they’re at.

Is there a lot of subjectivity at fans’ forums? Sure, but in this case I think it’s off the mark. Why would people even hide that, because I don’t see many posts that suggest that’s the main problem.

And Ox was not Klopp’s first player for his midfield rebuild. That was also a very mixed success which is not only linked to his injuries. Unless we rate two goals against City as a second coming.

Well, I really don’t watch very much of anyone outside Liverpool. But whenever I’ve seen him play, he has always looked good. You don’t have to put any stock in that - it’s just my opinion, and there are a few more of the rumoured players I like a bit more.

He is a player that I’ve always felt has been a pain in the arse whenever we’ve played against him.

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No thank you. Form’s on the wane. Can’t get into a mid-table side. Could cost £50M or £60M. We have plenty of advanced playmaker types IMO. Need the marauder in the form of Declan Rice, Kalvin Phillips or Tyler Adams. Maybe not those exact guys but someone more like them would be my first priority.

Can Mount come here and succeed? Possibly. But we can’t fuck around this summer with our midfield. We absolutely need to get it right. There is no room for error. The price and the question of where he fits in our system makes it an immediate pass for me. I just don’t get the reasoning.


If he does succeed, it won’t be from lack of diligence. As I said above, Liverpool have been interested in him since schoolboy football.