Match Thread | Liverpool vs Brighton | Sunday March 31st 14:00h

We’re hosting our bogey team after the international break.



Means we are due a home game win.

Remember Man Utd hadn’t beaten us much until today.

I know we lost a game we were ahead in twice and which we should have finished off but the ceiling isn’t caving in.


Hopefully everyone returns fit and healthy then we go again.

Kelleher Bradley Konate Virgil Robbo Endo Szobo Mac Salah Nunez Diaz


We are just recovering from today’s match, its abit early isn’t it, uff!

I’m sure that Jürgen and his team will know the personnel, formation and tactics to see us through this game. COYR YNWA :+1: :nerd_face:


This match thread couldn’t come soon enough as far as I’m concerned.


I usually find these speedy pre-match threads a bit much, but today I make an exception. Onwards and upwards.

We should have enough to do these and then there’s just nine more hurdles to the title…


I think a little break to reset is no bad thing. Where about to head into the run in so the player need time to take a breath before the last push.

The main lesson to learn from today is to make sure you score when you are well on top. We got careless in the second half, stroking the ball around without a care in the world, knowing we were better than them.

And then we lost and got knocked out.

It stings, but it might yet give us a silver lining, if we learn a lesson that tells us to make sure we take what’s there to be taken. And obviously, some inbuilt rest into weary limbs will be welcome.

We can regroup and go for the biggest prize with an all-out tilt at the Premier League.

Brighton are a tough match up for us and we will need to be on it, but hopefully today will help us hit the focus button and kick on.

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The more I looked at it, I realised that Diaz and Nunez cannot play with each other. Both players are just too similar. A lot of flair but no game intelligence.

Not too early:

Smash them. They’re shit.


Your analysis is really dreadful.

The chances spurned wasn’t because they can’t play together. If we had created nothing or half chances then yes.

But we are creating loads, every game


It only happens after we lose.


I don’t have the stats but just from the eye-test, the Diaz-Nunez-Salah trio never did score as much as a Jota-Nunez-Salah trio or a Diaz-Jota-Salah trio…

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Two weeks and time for yesterday to fade away.
This is a must win


Well that’s actually interesting. Anyone with the numbers there?

Yup every single time.

What you mean is Jota is a better finisher.

And to be honest I’d agree.


Jota is key to making either Diaz or Nunez work in a trio as one is a erratic finisher who scores worldies and goals that requires finesse but somehow can fluff tap ins from 2 metres out, the other’s not known for being a consistent finisher and not known for good decision making while having incredible fighting spirit and dribbling.

Put both Diaz and Nunez together and the gameplan to stop them is simple. Go man for man, double up on Diaz, mark Nunez tight as his composure is lacking 7 times out of 10 when facing goal.

If Diaz and Nunez have the spacial awareness and movement of Jota, they will break the man marking of any team. However, they are the type that likes to take on players which unfortunately makes them easy to mark out. It’s easy on the eye when it works, but can be incredibly frustrating when they get dispossessed easily.

So it is not just the finishing that makes Jota deadly, it is how he breaks the offside trap of the opposition with smart movements despite not being the fastest in the team.

Jota’s a good striker then.

But that just means Jota is a good striker not that Diaz and Nunez can’t play together.