Match Thread | Liverpool vs Brighton | Sunday March 31st 14:00h

Jota’s ability to bring others into the game and adapting his game slightly during the game is why Diaz and Nunez can gell with Jota, but I just don’t remember seeing the same with Diaz doing it for Nunez or vice versa.

That analysis is slightly undermined by the shed load of goals our front three has scored over the past month…


If you look what I am saying, I am referring to the specific combos in the front three and one specific combo may have yield lesser goals and assists between them compared to other combos…

“may have”

Why not find the figures out first then make the argument?

Is our front 3 more fluid with Jota playing for either Diaz or Nunez? Who knows, I’d imagine it comes down to personal preference. For me Nunez has to start all the games, he’s one of the biggest threats in the entire league then it’s really a flip of a coin between Jota and Diaz.


Will Jota be fit for this game…not heard an update.

Not Brighton. He’s an outside chance for the Blades, I think.

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Jota is the better finisher, Salah is the best option on the right that leaves Diaz or Nunez for last spot.

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I thought it was the middle of the month.

I guess we won’t know until next week., might get some training photos of those left behind.

GIF by Futurithmic

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Everyone so fickle.

Jota is benefitting from being absent and the fact he was in great form before his injury, but there have been many matches where he’s been bypassed and uninvolved.

No doubt if he doesn’t score a hat-trick on his return he’ll be slagged off too.


Every player has his strengths and weaknesses. Jota is a very intelligent and effective player, suits our style and principles very well. Did have certain games and period in games where he wasn’t involved enough.

Sometimes we like the new toy so much and forget about the last. It was similar when Diaz came, initially did very well (like Jota). Jota went on a weird run without a goal, but I remember he largely still played well.

Last summer I said that for me, only Salah is the automatic choice up top and Diaz isn’t or shouldn’t be a guaranteed starter all the time. Especially with the very nice options we have in his position. So far, we didn’t have a lot of time with both Diaz and Jota fit.

This season so far, Nunez has certainly improved to a certain level. But the jury is still out over what’s our “next attack” and in a few months we’ll have a new pair of eyes and a new brain, some things might change.

Well he has already been the issue in the past :joy:

Go on then which ones?

With Diaz and Konate going on international duty I would assume the only doubt at this moment is Nunez but then Klopp said that was a hamstring so any doubt would have kept him from going.

Fingers crossed everyone else, not sure Gakpo went but if it’s a twisted ankle that wouldn’t be long.

See who comes back in that time as well.

Diaz plays in London and then Madrid for his two internationals which is good, Endo seems the only one involved in none friendlies and finishes early on Tuesday.

Macallister travels far so probably would be the only doubt on travel related reasons. At least we aren’t playing 12.30 Saturday as usual.

Gakpo has been called up, yeah.

We need Jota back for the final matches. Even if he plays 45 min every second match initially.

Or impact sub, which he is pretty effective at.

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Nice to see Liverpool throw in a few blag injuries, especially to the South American Lads, just before the run in. A few of them reporting in with ‘Two week groin strain’.

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