Milan vs. Liverpool: Champions League, 20:00 Tue 7th December 2021

A huge, huge, humongous game between two European elites. Oh fuck, who am I kidding, it’s the deadest of the dead rubbers. Milan is currently top of the Italian League, it may mean they are a resurgent side or it may mean the league is garbage, probably somewhere in between, you decide.

For us, the priorities for this game are

No freaking injuries
Minutes for the fringe players
Bagging the £ 2.5 mil

Klopp will definitely field a strong XI but that doesn’t necessarily have to include the key players. Kelleher must definitely start. If he isn’t starting in games like this, one has to question the wisdom of keeping him. Also, no Jota. I’m not a superstitious man, but playing him in a dead rubber gives me uneasy.


… and what’s Ifti doing starting theads? :scream_cat:

Think Origi earned himself the right to start. :innocent:


He’s better off the bench surely? :upside_down_face:

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It’s a dead rubber. @Kopstar is being rested for the Villa game.


Still it would be good to keep some momentum up, definitely need Origi coming off the bench.


Williams Phillips Konate Tsimikas


Ox Jones

Salah Origi Minamino

That’s what I’d play.

Phillips deserves to get this. Massive hand (and head) in getting us here. Deserves to experience a European night at the San Siro.

Not telling Salah he isn’t starting. Have you seen him? But he can do a half and swap with Jota.

Keita should also get some time on the pitch.


He’s started lot of cup and dead rubber games. Needs these games as what’s the purpose of keeping him? :joy:


Totally agree about Nat. Give him something to tell his grandkids about and send him off in fine style.

Is Jones available? What about Keita?

Wouldn’t risk Mo in a dead match. Would like to see more of Gordon.

There are plenty of opportunities for substitutions if necessary.


Ifti provides a bit of sparkle after the tedium of Kopstar.


I’m not going to get dragged into that conversation, I had enough problems with my views on Gini, thankyou. :wink:

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Anyone going to the game?

I’m landing on Tuesday shortly after mid day, will be until Thursday.

If I’m looking at the sectors correctly, will be just below our travelling fans.


Salah wants to play because he wants to be the CL top scorer too. Currently he is on 6 goals while Lewandowski is on 9


Keita and Gomez are both back in full training. Would’ve been great to hear Bobby is back too. Any word on him? This game would’ve been prefect to start to get him back up to speed. Jones still out I think.

Sadly Gordon wasn’t registered/eligible for Champions league.

I honestly see zero point in any of yesterday’s starting eleven even traveling, never mind playing. What an opportunity to have a week at home fully focused on training and preparing properly for next Saturday!

Gomez Nat Konate
Neco Morton Keita Tsmikas
Origi Ox Minamino


No need to risk any of our first 11 that started yesterday, shame Milner is suspended I know we get 2.4 million if we win but its more important to protect players for the rest of the league games and CL games.


Neco Nat Ibou Kostas
Morton Fabinho Ox
Minamino Origi Jota

Seen a Twitter page say Hendo is not playing :wink:

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Especially with the Christmas schedule


I believe Bobby was one or two weeks behind Keita and Gomez so shouldn’t be too long now.

Why not play Kelleher? Klopp was praising him last week and surely he needs to be kept fresh and interested. It also lessens the chance of an injury to Ali of course.