Mo... blah blah blah... talk about it here

I don’t think we’ll let him leave, but whatever happens given all the stuff around it, it probably makes sense for a dedicated thread in the rumours section.

As long as it’s you and not @Nikola , I still have faith.

Not going anywhere unless we get a ridiculous offer, all up front.


It makes zero sense for us to sell now.
That said, I think he will be gone next summer.
I hope our succession planning is in full swing.

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He’s already got a thread where we can say there’s no chance he’s leaving before next summer

I agree he won’t leave this year but we better get used to these attempts to unsettle our players. Shouldn’t have dealt with them in the first place.

He’s going nowhere soon. He’s ambitious, his family are settled and he thinks the Saudis are twats.

I’m probably wrong on at least one count but I doubt anyone else knows his mind either. However, footballers are individuals with their own agency. They aren’t livestock to be bought and sold at their owners whim.

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Donald Duck Money GIF
If they can afford £150m, they can goto £250m. Get that and have a plan, a solid, sensible, longterm plan starting in January and I won’t complain. Won’t be happy about it but it’s a decision for tomorrow not today.

If he goes, I want to see JH saying the money’s coming straight out of the club and him buying a mega yacht and putting loads of pics on Insta the same week.

Otherwise in January “Hi, it’s Liverpool here, we’d like to buy Brian Aldridge “
“(stifles a hurray) Certainly, we’re asking the GDP of Saudi for him, per week you own him”

Not seeing us getting more than £120m (probably closer to £100m) next year.

What if they really offer £200m next week?

Think I’d let him go for that money.

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I didn’t really want it clogging up his player thread tbh


Checks OP.

‘Mo is off to Stamford Bridge, then.’

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Good call. No chance he’ll leave us now. Everything we’ve seen suggests he’s a good human being, and also ambitious both for the team and individually. Potentially he could go next summer but really I think he’ll want to challenge for top honours for 3-4 years until he’s ready for a retirement league. At that point he’ll still earn more money than he and his family/village could ever spend

Apparently being rested by Egypt from their games

Thank God you’re not making the decision.

In my mind I’m prepared for life post Mo already, whether that comes next week, in 12 months or 24 months.

I do think we’d be better off selling next summer than letting him go for nothing and they would’ve given us something to really think about if that 200m offer came a month or 2 ago.

This is it.

Those quoting figures are fine but the only bid has been 100m plus add ons.

How much of that 100m was upfront you are probably thinking about 60% at most

We must keep him

Need senior players on the pitch this season whilst the new boys settle in.

100m next season, maybe…


We can close this thread now can’t we?


The Bosz has spoken