Mohamed SALAH: 2023/24

First Name: Mohamed
Surname: Salah
Squad Number: 11
Position: Forward
Height: 1.75m
Weight: 72kg
D.O.B.: 15.06.1992.
Town of Birth: Basyoun
Country of Birth: Egypt
Nationality: Egyptian

Ronaldo daughter wearing a Mo shirt.

Didn’t Messi’s kid do something similar?


Him using the word “Bro” gets me every time I dont know why :joy:

Did he even complete a good, clean touch on the ball in that first half? Crap penalty also. But still scored. Classic.

I thought his back pass to their keeper was a lovely touch……can’t recall if that came in the first or 2nd half mind.

Most his pens are like that, smash and hope.

Too late to sell him now but this will go on for some more weeks because Saudi transfer window will be open longer than elsewhere.

Hope it won’t affect us.

Think it’s obvious we’ll sell next summer so we have almost a year to find the perfect replacement.

I suspect there is something to the interest, even if we’re confident Mo isnt interested, given Klopp directly addressed the potential for their window closing late to create instability for the Prem. It sounded even then like a comment from someone who suspected he would have to be dealing with this nonsense around this period.


Don’t see it happening now.

Could see it happen next summer, when he’ll have a year left.

But let’s not rush, we’ll see if we have another player banging 30 goals a season by then, or looking like he might do it post-Salah. A lot can happen in a year. But objectivelly, it’s not hard to see why Saudi would appeal to Mo and vice versa.

As for the type of player who we might look for replacing him, it will also depend if we believe Nunez is the way to go forward and build a “new” attack around him.

Nunez’s chances on paper increase without Salah, but it doesn’t guarantee him that he will be the new main man.

Only sell Salah if we get Doak or someone bedded in first.

Ideally Salah gives 2 years and Doak uses that time as an understudy. Salah can then choose to leave for free if he wants to

He’ll not get into Saudi looking like that. Perfect message Mo :+1:


If this obscene outrageous offer had of come through early in the transfer window I would be in the sell camp. This mob mean business. Now? Nah fuck off ya cunts.

150m plus before I would even reply to Saudi requesting more

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