Mohamed SALAH: 2023/24

I believe that FSG will sell Salah if they get a bid in the 125 to 150 million range, but surely FSG can’t be dumb enough to sell without replacing Salah first, making the same mistake that they did with Fabinho, not replacing before selling.

Does Rudy Galetti have any credibility amongst football reporters? Apparently he is claiming that Salah has told Liverpool that he would like to leave for the Saudi League. This Galetti character is the only one that I have heard of that is making such a claim.

Only if an offer that’s so silly that can’t refuse comes in. Otherwise, no. We hold the cards with the new contact.

In an oil corrupted market, selling a world class goal scorer for anything like what the quotes suggest is laughable.

IMO I don’t mind Salah seeing out his contract with us and leave on a free after breaking even more records.

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Obviously Salah will leave one day, but certainly not now, at the beginning of a season, that would not work well for anyone except Salah and FSG,and only then with truckloads of money.
If the owners did that then what most of us probably know is right, if the price is right anything is for sale.Stuff the club and its supporters.
Has this Galetti got any cred.or is he interfering with himself?

That applies to everyone, though; look at how quickly Henderson dropped his principles for Saudi blood money.

To imply that only FSG are susceptible to wads of money being waved in their faces is disingenuous, at best.


Yeah,I meant to make that point but always fuck up typing.

Bloody tourists. :rage:

He’s just checking out some of the things stolen from his homelands.

Sick of the constant reporting on bids being prepared for Mo. But also not worried about him leaving this summer in the slightest. Hopefully the noise can be used to our advantage and we can get a CB sorted out in the next day and a half on the down low.


I honestly think the idea of his interest in playing in that wasteland is overblown…

The latest rumor is that he’s about to announce his conversion to Catholicism and demand a transfer to the Vatican League.

Not thay he needs to, but would be nice for him to come out and say he’s staying.

100m might seem amazing fee, but we can’t do fuck all with it can we at this late stage.

Letting Mo go would be a travesty

Didn’t he already filter that through via his agent who then shared it on his social media a few weeks ago when first addressing the Saudi interest?

Who’s to say we haven’t already spent it :slightly_frowning_face:

Now that’s a worrying concept……

It has been said that prices go up for who we want once we sell 1 of our players for big money and that we should buy in/agree incoming price before it’s known that we have sold.
If that is not the case this summer then it is what we’ll need to do if we sell Mo next year.

£150m, 2 or 3 months ago…then id have no issue selling him. Weve had his best years.
But with 11 hours of window left…no.

It’s all media driven nonsense to hype up deadline day. Fucking annoying and boring.

We all know that the Saudi Pro League transfer window closes next week - therefore there is no real rush for them to get bids in today. Yet the story will rumble on and on, and then as the Jan window nears it’ll kick off again, and then again in the summer, until he’s eventually sold or signs a contract extension.


Nail. Head.


Page click revenue nonsense.