Mohamed SALAH: 2023/24

Antonio would do numbers as a poster here, we should try to sign him up.


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Salah’s numbers are just incredible. To the point where it’s a disappointment if there’s a game he doesn’t score or assist in. Only Haaland comes close…for one season. Mo’s been doing it for 5 seasons


Mohamed Salah (Liverpool): He might not be scoring goals in bucketfuls anymore but Salah is playing the best team football I’ve seen him play since his arrived at Anfield.

He was outstanding again against Wolves and hasn’t put a foot wrong since the Saudis tried to lure him to their Pro League with mind boggling amounts of cash. All credit to the Egypt superstar, who has conducted himself in a manner dignified and respectful to the club who have made him a world-class player. A model professional.

He has turned into an assist man. :+1:


It’s just a shame Kane isn’t in the league now.

Not only did Salah come in and eclipse Kane as a goalscorer, he’s now transitioned to a playmaker like Harry and is eclipsing him again.

It’s like Mo took comment from Kane after his first season personally (implying Salah wouldn’t repeat it) and has dedicated his career to overshadowing him.

Anyway, give him another contract. He’s too good to be playing in the desert with all the has beens and pub players.




Mo giving Lovren some extra money.

Some analysis on Salah so far this season.

I agree with the headline.


Really weird.


Not doing bad this season.managing to keep up with Darwin,s goal tally having only played twice as many minutes as him :grin:

I assume he is after an extension.

Club has a decision to make to be honest. I hope it’s done early so he goes early or stays.

I hope it’s done so he stays


I despise his agent. Maybe I’m weird but I always feel he is trying to stir something. No other agent we deal with has their name known nevermind does that

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How’s he comparing to Darwin for goal involements?

Minutes per goal involvement ,Darwin is slightly the better.

There’s an article in the Guardian that indicates that Mo Salah’s total income (salary plus significant other revenue) is in excess of £1m per week:

This does raise the interesting point that a player’s potential income is far in excess of a simple weekly wage. It worth bearing in mind when discussing the salaries offered by the Saudi and other leagues: playing in a high profile team in a high profile league is often worth more than the actual contract itself.


Wonder do we sell this summer. 150m from Saudi if they come back in for him?

Only if he pushes for the move himself.

If not, give him another deal.


If he wants to stay let him see out his contract. If he wants to go to Saudi then next summer is the time to do it.

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