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You have to broaden the lens and have a go at more than Lewis Hamilton then.

It’s unfair to single him out. He is representative of a much wider sport, which in fairness, has handed down technology so everyday vehicles are much more efficient.

They are massive carbon polluters, but the story is much bigger. And if we want to have a pop at Lewis Hamilton there is barely a public name that is out of bounds.

What about the numerous football teams/players who are cross-crossing the globe for the COPA or the Euros?

What about Mo Salah popping up on his hols then at another location, then at a wedding?

Taylor Swift, Eras tour? Etc.

My personal view on the climate is I think we are screwed, because it needs joined up governmental cooperation and will, and it just doesn’t exist, globally, to do anything meaningful.

Four of the worst, America, China, Russia and India, will do well to get through the next generation without serious armed conflict, never mind doing something together on the climate.

You must have missed all my posts on climate change over the years.

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Fair enough, you have been consistent on this issue.

I’m still happy for Hamilton, mind :joy:


So am I🥹

Verslappen was an absolute disgrace in today’s race. He locked up his brakes and hits Hamilton and then blames Hamilton for it. Idiot should have been docked places and shunted to the back of the grid for the next race.

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Only a good racing driver when hes in the fastest car and clear.

Drives like hes got three turtle shells round him ready to wipe out whoever he gets close to. Prick.


More I see verstappen , the similarities between him and Schumacher become more and more pronounced

I don’t like Verstappen!

His defenders will say that the best have that edge to them, and it’s what makes them great.

His detractors will say he goes way too far with it.

I’m in the second camp. He is undoubtedly a talented driver, and as ever in F1, we won’t quite ever know how much is down to the driver or the car. I suspect had several other drivers had his Red Bull car the past few years, they would have done just as well.

He is ruthless, but in such an unfair way that I just can’t warm to him.

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