Napoli vs. Liverpool | CL Match Day 1 | Sep 7, 20:00 | Stadio Diego Armando Maradona


It will be the seventh game between these two clubs. Both clubs have notched two wins each with the remaining two ending in stalemates. Neither club has started the season strongly, but Liverpool’s season is almost over if the opinions on a certain forum are to be believed. Three draws and a loss in six games have certainly hurt our league ambition. A lot has been (and is still being) made about our injuries and perceived lack of effort in the transfer market. But the sad truth is, none of our star players is showing the hunger they are supposed to.

As always, I’m sure that Jürgen and his team will know the personnel, formation and tactics to see us through this game. However, I must point out the fact that Salah is wasted out wide (and deep). Mane is gone, Firmino has aged; Salah can’t function like it’s 2018. Although we don’t have any choice other than to continue with Trent, his form (more importantly, body language) is worrying. Hopefully, the injury to Carvalho is minor and he will be available for this game. The arrival of Melo (what a name) along with the return to fitness of Matip, Curtis, and Jota bolsters our ranks.

I would have loved to say, three points and no injuries; but the thing I want most is the unrelenting hunger of the Mentality Monsters. Come on Reds, raise hell.


I like the pizza reference, but there’s no mention of Maradona.

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Liverpool’s season is almost over if the opinions on a certain forum are to be believed.

This is quality, by the way. :joy:


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Meh. Half marks.


Trent Gomez Van Dijk Tsimikas

Fabinho Jones/Arthur


Salah Nunez Diaz.

Allow Trent to overlap again and fine Salah and Diaz a grand for every time their boots touch the sidelines.


Now Idea how good Napoli is, but you can bet the bank that they are better than Bournemouth so it will be another extremely tough one.

I’ll be happy with a draw.


Alisson Trent Matip Virgil Robbo Fab Milner Jones Salah Jota Diaz

Whatever side we put out we’re going to have to suffer in spells, get out with a draw if we can.

Gomez was our best player today, and pretty much has been since returning to the first team. Why are you dropping him for someone short of match fitness?


All Gomez has needed to find the imperious partnership he shared with Virgil is a run in the side. God knows why anyone would drop him now.


Milner, Milner, I don’t want to see him near a Liverpool starting line-up for the rest of his career.

The last 10 minutes and only for a special occasion and not more than once a month tops … :rage:


Horrible passing that’s why, bring Matip.

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Milner is the goat, he has to start every game from now until day he retires.

So not until a few good decades yet.

Horrible passing, if that was our best player it tells a lot over the rest.

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A Rafa style draw away from home would be a good result. Get Salah off the touchline and more into the business area.

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Wasn’t keen on not starting Firmino today, not keen on not starting Firmino on Wednesday.
Jota and Nunez to find their way into the team, which may take less or more games, but 30 minutes for them should give them gaming time and the team some impact (hopefully). It’s the normal thing to do. Firmino is on form and we looked far more dangerous and clicking when he came in today.


Napoli have scored 10 goals and conceded 3 so far in 4 league games this season.
Often in Europe we raise our game and play really well.
I suppose a draw would be a good result.


Napoli hasn’t played 10 league games this season, tonight will be their fifth game of the season.

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Gomez has horrible passing? I know it’s a game of opinions, but fuck me…


They’ve had a good amount of churn recently. The core of the side that was competitive recently under Carlo and Sari has now moved on, but Im still seeing some predictions of them being dark horses in serie A. Presumably the newer players are lesser known but highly rated by Serie A watchers. Regardless though they are always a nightmare at their own place.

Not sure how i got 10 in there I just looked at the table.

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