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A Husky is on my wishlist , I

sorry , i won’t listen to what you are saying… Too busy trying to get the husky across.

Am thinking of getting another dog btw. My son wants one.

Tell him about picking up the shit

that’s the reason i’m only thinking about it.

Ours just eats sfter eight mints and fried egg

If you got kids and are worried about the vicious dog next door, just get a cat….


Don’t forget - if you die in your house your dog will lay with you crying and upset for days and days - whilst the cat will just eat you - literally - lips, ears etc.

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CDU, the party of Merkel, Kohl, Adenauer etc., has brought out a new image film, celebrating, I guess, their history and glorious success in governing Germany - depicting the Georgian Presidential Palace instead of the Reichstag.
Probably a hidden message there

Don’t know too much about fentanyl, but from the small amounts I have heard it seems like some scary shit, what the hell makes someone try it?

Well , for somebody already addicted to opiates , I’d imagine it’s considered to be the Holy Grail.

Why do people take horse tranquillisers?

Good question, I have no clue hence why I asked tin the first place