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Ok I see the arguments for various issues that might have contributed to the housing issue but a real layman question here. Ok the uncontrolled immigration issues real, and I think that is being actively looked at? But whether that is looked at or not, what is being done to address the short supply of housing? Are there already a clear pipeline of houses being built to meet demands in future? Because with such pent-up demands, there must be plenty of motivation for government to build houses or commercial corporates to rush into the market to build. If no one is even building those needed housing, something is seriously wrong?

Survivor bias, surely?

Yep. Brain fart, that is what I meant.

This is absolutely going to sink Sean " Diddy" Combs. Beware, brutal video.

Yep, can see him getting 7 shades of shyte kicked out of him in lockup. Prison justice often doesn’t look kindly on those guilty of D.V. so he can expect a special form of punishment awaits him wherever he ends up

When I think of tourism, Afghanistan is not the first place the springs to mind. I feels bad for their friends and relatives but why, why go there? There is nothing to see or experience there that is worth the risk.

Maybe they were doing the Alphabet tourism challenge…so A…

Let’s hope they started at Z and were going backwards…

SQ 321 from London to Singapore emergency landing in Bangkok due to severe turbulence. Unfortunately 1 died on board with 30 injuries and reported a 2nd death as of now with another succumbed to injuries. It’s still breaking news and no news cause of deaths but according to witnesses, people were flung onto the ceiling when it plunged 6000ft.

It’s unfortunate but really highlight the importance of keeping seatbelts on at all times when possible.

EDIT: Mr Kittipong Kittikachorn confirmed during the press conference that a 73-year-old British passenger was killed on flight SQ321. The plane had to make an emergency landing in the Thai capital due to severe air turbulence. He likely died of a heart attack, the airport chief said.

Did not realize this was happening in New Caledonia over the last week. Beautiful country that I had an opportunity to connect with when I was selling stuff to companies there. Accusation is that the French government is diluting the influence of the indigenous people in New Caledonia and the French government has almost doubled the police and soldiers to try to regain control in this ‘civil war’. Its a small pacific nation and so will not garner much attention but hope the peace gets restored and casualties kept to a minimum.

Unfortunately France has a big Cnut as home minister as we all know on here so well!

Should have started at Angola.

Smart to avoid Australia, those people murder millions of prawn every year.

Whilst this is tragic, teaches 2 important points. 1. Always wear your seatbelt when sat down for exactly this reason. 2. Next time you’re vaguely worried on a flight that’s a bit bumpy with the wings flexing like crazy, remember it could probably get 20 times worse and the plane will hold together. It’s actually a happy story that all bar one passenger survived. The one who died was in his 70s and had a heart attack which could have been an underlying problem anyway. No comfort for his family I know but the bigger story is that flying is incredibly safe these days.

It is alot safer than people think but precisely its safe that people take it for granted. Especially in this instance its actually meal service time so it means most people are seated and with so many people injured, it must have been most of these people not putting on their seat belts. I always wondered why it is so difficult for people to conform to rules that are actually meant to protect them.