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Are you watching?

New Zealand off loading like crazy. Not a single one has gone down

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Aussies edged it in the end. Great game. I don’t normally watch a lot of rugby league but that was a game on another level last night.

But riding a pet dinosour is pretty cool

100%. I was very careful not to mention that.

Apologies but this comment bugged me. I think you’re wrong.

Firstly the ball is in play far more in rugby league than union.

Secondly every pretty much every restart involves a pass.

Thirdly last night’s game was packed with keeping the ball alive after contact, particularly from the New Zealand side. They didn’t put it down once.

Worth noting that the game last night involved very little losing the ball in contact. Only a handful of occasions from memory.

So personally coming from a person that prefers union as a game I was in awe of the skill levels on display last night. Passing accuracy was on point. Basic skills of maintaining possession in contact were above anything I’ve ever seen in the northern hemisphere union code. The closest I can point to is your average All Blacks team who seem to be a step above everyone else in the union code still.

Even catching kicks. None were put down.

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Rugby league is shite.

Its ten times better than that shite kick and clap stuff

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Rugby union as all they do is kick then people clap

That’s Association Football you’re thinking of.

Think you’ve been watching the wrong sort of union if that is all you are seeing!

Well the Mickey mouse world cup (T20) is over which is really just all down to luck anyway (50 over cricket is a much better spectacle), and Australia is leading in the only world cup that matters - in the Rugby League that one sport where there is even competition and where the rest of the sporting world doesn’t absolutely suck. Come on Aussies! You have them on the ropes already.

What there is a series on?

Shite like that has no place in any sport, so called or other.
Nauseating stuff

I find that Baseball one I’ve seen cringey too.

He has the biggest tits of the lot. :astonished:

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Don’t let the moustache and tattoos fool ya…
This kid is only twelve years old…!!
What a sports prospect he seems to be eh