Other so-called “sports”

I hope she never trains alone!

Controversy in the world of Lawn Bowls:

Can’t find out what he said, so it’s hard to judge.

Allegedly used the ‘p’ word and referred to Yousaf and Sunak as ‘Islamists’ in a derogatory way.

Sunak is a Hindu.

Some of the moves in this routine :exploding_head:

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Chess is beset with controversy at the moment:

And they still talking about the anal probes?

It doesn’t really surprise me there are issues with these sports, they are offered markets and are quite open to abuse as the money just isn’t there.

Greyhound racing used to always get a bit more than Horses as your reducing half the risk and it’s so poorly followed.

Poker I did think was well funded but yeah you can understand others.

Is she playing poker or tits … :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Just had dinner at work.
Had the misfortune to be sitting right in front of the TV when NXT tag team wrestling was on.

Complete nonsense of a sport.
Understand young kids being entertained and taken in by it, but the volume of “grown-ups” whooping and cheering in the crowd was disturbing.

backing up homer simpson GIF

Way I look at it is escapism it’s not a sport it’s a drama. People watch people watching TV, people watch two people every Wednesday in suits say nothing, people watch the glacial drama of soaps.

People watch people they wouldn’t sit next to on the tube eat kangaroo anus in a jungle, people watch people bitch about each other in a house.

Each to their own, though I’m not much of a fan of NXT.

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Anyone heard from @Noo_Noo today… Just asking is all :0)

Not in a million years. I’ve done plenty of daft shit, but I draw the line at a daffodil hat, bib thingy.

I’m no rugby fan, but the piss poor defending is the main contributor to that try

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England women are fully professional. I don’t think Canada are. Sadly there’s massive gaps between the levels of teams in the women’s game.

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Similar to the gap between Forrest and us then?..according to the post match thread?

Theoretically bigger. Still doesn’t excuse our performance.

Just watching a ding dong battle between Australia and New Zealand in the rugby league world cup semi.

Just dawned on me after 39 minutes of rugby I’ve not seen one handling error. Skill levels and accuracy have been off the scale.

The amount of ball movement is minimal compared to union though so that should be expected.

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