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You’re moving the goalposts. You just said that everyone should have a personal choice, and they do. The choice in this circumstance would be that if you want to play in this tournament you have to be vaccinated. If you choose not to be vaccinated that’s fine but you can’t play.

There are plenty of examples of places where vaccinations are necessary. In order to move to the US, to join my wife and son, I had to provide a list of my vaccinations and receive any that I didn’t have (I had to get two more) otherwise my visa would not have been approved. Most countries, at least most Western countries, require proof of vaccinations prior to enrolment - obviously Covid isn’t on thelat list yet as it isn’t approved for U12s - but other vaccines are certainly required in many places.

As you are the one inventing PGA Tour rules, if anybody is moving the goalposts, it is you. There is no requirement for PGA Tour players to be vaccinated, nor have any sporting organisations mandated vaccination (to my knowledge). You know, there are other safety measures that people can take if they object to the vaccine, such as regular Covid testing.

My original stance has not changed or altered.

It appears you believe Jon Rahm or any other golfer should be forced to be vaccinated to play and earn a living? Do you feel the same about all workers worldwide? Should everybody be told get the vaccination or you’re fired. Sounds like a wonderful world to live in… hold him down and I’ll inject him.

As for you WANTING to move to the USA and requiring vaccines to do so, that’s fine. You DON’T HAVE TO go there, you have a choice, you can go elsewhere. Jon Rahm HAS TO earn a living. So I really don’t see the relevance. But hey, thanks for confirming the fact that Covid vaccination isn’t required for school in “most places”.

Why is Djokovic so boring?

Well no obviously not because we are talking about a hypothetical situation that the PGA decided to say all players need vaccinations. I’m not claiming those are the rules or that Rahm technically did anything wrong. Personally I think he’s an idiot who has risked the lives of other people when he’s travelling nationally to play golf tournaments, often with volunteers at the courses who are older but I haven’t said he’s broken the rules of the tour. On the other hand I do think the tour, or individual events, could mandate vaccinations and the players wouldn’t really have a leg to stand on if they complained about it. The events are held at private venues by private businesses, it’s up to them who can use their facilities (and no, it’s not discrimination to ban unvaccinated people).

The analogy of moving to America was just to say that there are situations where vaccinations are manditory already. A lot of people act like mandating Covid vaccinations would be crossing a line when we already have manditory vaccines for a bunch of other things in many situations.

No one has claimed Covid vaccines are required in schools. What has been said is that vaccines are required; such as diphtheria or hepatitis. Once again, you have a choice - get vaccinated or you can home school your kids. Get vaccinated or play golf somewhere else seems perfectly fine to me.

And no, I don’t think you should automatically be fired for not being vaccinated. However, there are some jobs that you just shouldn’t be able to hold either. A person’s “body autonomy” does not outweigh the contract we all have with society to protect the most vulnerable among us.


Federer not boring

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Quite an exciting final round that was, with so many in contention. Lovely playing from Rahm, and massive fails from a few, including Rory (again). Was hoping Oosthuizen would get birdie that last hole for the play off, just to make it a bit exciting, but alas, well played from Rahm.

I’m sure his wife is measuring up for the new kitchen already.

Gone, but not forgotten Peter.

I have extensive first hand experience of marijuana, and I can say, without doubt, that it’s not helpful for sprinting


Depends if they put a bowl of crunchy nut at the finish line.

I’d be like Usain Bolt


If this isn’t their next advert ill be seriously disappointed

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I’d have banned her for the eyebrows

I find pointing very rude so that would be where my ban hammer fell (if I didn’t notice the finger nails beforehand I wonder if their toe nails are the same allowing them to use some kind of special springy shoe?)


The guy was apparently escorted off the course but when told he couldn’t just take clubs from a bag and have himself a few practice swings it’s reported he responded, “why not?” :joy:

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We don’t get any on the TV anymore. Loved it when we did, all that fat slapping was wonderful stuff.
Even the documentaries showing how a sumo is prepared (from birth apparently) on Japanese islands.

I used to enjoy Kabaddi when it was on transworld sports. I did see it decades later on Sky, but it almost seemed to be a different sport with the changes in format

How good is Fallon Sherrock…into her first PDC major QF. Continues to take some big scalps.


I’m really late to this one, but this, while a common argument, is a really bad one.

  • The rules are unambiguous and she knew it was banned in competition and used it anyway. So regardless of anyone’s opinion on what the rules SHOULD be, what they are is clear and she knew them
  • Her reason for using it makes it very much performance enhancing. Shooting up some anabolic steroids the morning of your race isn’t going to improve your performance in that race, but everyone acknowledges they are performance enhancing. The reason they are because when used as intended they enhance your preparation for competition. The vast majority of PEDs work in this way, rather than in directly improving your immediate performance. The way she used weed, to aid her preparation, was conceptually no different.

Ummm…I think she should stop doing this

But she’ll die if she doesn’t! :wink: