PC gaming thread

About that

I agree that Zelda is synonymous with Nintendo but the point I’m making is that there’s a whole lot of character building / world building etc then as well.

As opposed to people having all the budget right now and absolutely nothing other than instant gratification.

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One option could be to have a look at the Game Pass and see what games are available on there. It is sometimes available with a discount or can be got free for a month or two if you buy certain devices or when they have a promotion.

A good 3D alternative to Stardew Valley (ie it looks a lot better lol) is Coral Island - very wholesome and good fun.

Some bloke did some videos on it:



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Checked that.

It’s around 350 INR a month and has some decent games. Forza , Minecraft and something else. Pretty much a no brainer at that price range.

There’s epic games where hopefully they’ll giveaway some kid friendly games now and again.

There’s marvel midnight sons right now on giveaway. Not sure it’s something the kid will like but who knows.

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Would have wanted the kid to check out MMO’s like WoW but then that’s probably too much of an ask.

Wow’s a pretty nice game w.r.t the mechanics / combat etc but the userbase become very toxic of late.

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Didnt know spiderman had a port for PC.

That’s something that is there now in the list.

Maybe try something like stranded deep.

At that age, I think I was playing only FPSs like Quake and Doom and used all sorts of emulators in order to play older SNES games that I couldn’t play on Sega Mega Drive like Ultimate Mortal Kombat, Super Mario Kart etc. Emulation maybe isn’t the worst thing, even though it’s visually very dated, especially for today’s kids. Not for me, though, I actually completed Super Mario RPG a few months back on my phone. :joy:

I was playing the 2D era platform games as well as JRPG’s during that time.

There are a couple of good mega drive RPG games too. Star Ocean for one was a pretty neat game. Chrono Trigger as well.

I did replay Seiken Densetsu 3 via an emulator a while back. That game was probably ahead of its time with classes / subclasses etc. And the branching storylines of different PC’s too.

I think Star Ocean was a SNES game. Chrono Trigger was perhaps the Megadrive one. Not sure again. Sorry , Phantasy Star was the megadrive RPG game that I played.

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Yeah, in the UK many of the titles we have suggested can be found on the game pass along with Bethesda games (Skyrim, Fallout and Starfield!) or some ubisoft titles such as several of the Assassins Creed games.

Epic Games freebies are fantastic too. Between the two, I’ve cut right back on the number of games I buy and saved a small fortune as I usually spend Bajillions during the steam sales :rofl:.

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I’ll give that a watch. I saw that on GP and wanted to give it a go as thought my daughter might have liked it but was worried it may have been unsuitable for younger kids.

Oh, no, can’t think of anything unsuitable in it!

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Yes, Sony’s new strategy is to release older titles on PC to cash in and to woo players over to PS5 who may become eager to play the sequals (which wont be on PC for a while).

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