PL Matchday #36: Aston Villa vs. Liverpool, May 10, 8 PM

I opening a PL game thread before a Wembley final. It’s my Origi moment. You know, when an unfancied (but extremely talented) person has to do a job as hopes fade and the heroes grimace.

It’s a crucial game. Remember 2013/14! We didn’t lose the race when we lost to Chelsea, we lost it when we failed to beat Palace. So come on Mentality Monsters, summon every bit of your strength and spirit; we must not fail.

Villa record since April: LLDWW, nothing stellar but wouldn’t they love to be our banana skin? It’s long since the magic of Stevie has worn off and Villa has become stagnant at mid-table; hopefully, he will let this one slip (get the pun, eh!) too. For us, it will be the 59th game of the season and there are lots of weary limbs and jaded minds out there. We have to send in some fresh legs for this game and we have to keep some legs fresh for the next one.

Regarding team selection, Klopp has one colossus dilemma; does he rest VVD? He has played 47 games (4260 mins) this season and he looked tired last night. Moreover, the remaining games are too crucial to rest him.

Come on Reds, raise hell. YNWA


Ffs give Tsimikas a game and make sure Origi is on the bench.


If City win today I would rest a few and concentrate on winning the two cups …three cups would be an amazing achievement… Imagine the parade…


Agreed. Oh and @Iftikhar we did lose the title when we lost to Chelsea in 13-14. It was in our hands then if only we got a draw; after that we were miles behind on GD regardless of Palace game (and that’s the reason we let a 3 goal lead slip anyway)

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Referee: Jonathan Moss. Assistants: Lee Betts, Timothy Wood. Fourth official: Andy Madley. VAR: John Brooks. Assistant VAR: James Mainwaring.

It’s a difficult one. It’s no certainty that city would have still won their remaining game(s) had we dispatched CP instead of trying to make up the GD. We totally took the pressure off them by drawing there.

But no doubt the Chelsea loss was what turned it in their favour and clearly influenced things more than the CP draw.



Nifty Ifti! Great work with the thread opening. You’ve lifted the spirits after last night’s setback.

Your music taste still sucks though.


It’s key we get Bobby back and up to full fitness starting with this game. Ancelotti and Tuchel will be rubbing their goblin hands with glee at knowing a low block, counter attack continues to be our nemesis. Bobby will be key to that as he is still head and teeth above anyone else we have at playing in tight spaces.

Scored earth, or else don’t bother waking me.

I’m sure that Jürgen and his team will know the personnel, formation and tactics to see us through this game. COYR YNWA :+1: :nerd_face:


Plenty of changes if City beat Sandcastle as expected.

Eitherway Robbo/Trent out Tsimikas/Gomez in and Tsimikas/Gomez should be enough to secure the win against Aston Villa.

Need both Robbo & Trent to be for the FA Cup final

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Smash them. They’re shit.

Regardless of the City Newcastle result, we should be looking to win all of our games. City can (and will) drop points in literally all of their remaining games. Take it to the final day and see what happens.


Any hope Origi and Tsimikas could start, villa are shite but our misfiring front players will make them look good. :neutral_face:

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Misfiring? Come on. Both Diaz and Mane have been on fire lately. The fucking ridiculous recency bias on this forum is hard to take sometimes. Spurs suffocated us and put in one of the best defensive performances I’ve seen all year.

Misfiring forwards my arse.


Did I say Diaz or Mane no. I said our misfiring ya fool. :grin:

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You did say misfiring front players and they are actually front players, no?


But they are not misfiring, Diaz has been exceptional and Mane been scoring, Jota and Mo been misfiring. :persevere:

Yep they are 2-0 up and counting.

After this shite football weekend rest the players who needs rest and make sure we are as fit as possible to win the FA cup and CL

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All of this. Couldn’t agree more Rambler.

Now at 3-0 (City up over Newcastle) it’s silly for The Boss to risk anything at all against Villa. pointed out that City would likely have to drop points in 2 of their last 3 matches, rotate v Villa and focus on the remaining 2 Cup final. :red_circle::heart:

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