Post match: Ajax v Liverpool (UCL 26/10/22 8pm)

Scoreline more comfortable than the performance warranted. No control in that first half. But with the injuries and the inability to pick a settled team it’s just about getting results and waiting till we get players back.

Nunez is a nightmare to play against. Real pest with good movement. Control and finishing still a bit erratic but I’m glad he’s on our team.


Yeah Nunez felt like the difference in that.


Quite enjoying to see our lads play to their actual standards again. Three very well worked goals. The best of the lot could have been scored in the first half, when Nunez hit the post after a breathtaking © Kloppo/LFC move, slicing Ajax open as sweetly as ever.

Anyway, Ajax, although quite good in the first 30 minutes or so, weren’t a match for our lads over the 90 minutes. A well deserved win, through to the last sixteen. Well done! :+1:

MoM Robbo for me. Best performance of the season from him imo. Mentions for Salah (wonderful dinked goal for the 1-0) and Elliot, who has something special about him.


personally i dont have MOM, it was an ok performance diabolical in some sense but it reflects the team we have at the moment. Defensively we were average good and bad at the same time , midfield better but again not dominant , attack was clinical but not breath taking . overall great win a better 2nd half and we await the injured to be back


Liked Firmino a lot but the most important we played those wankers from Amsterdam 4 times over the last few years and we beat them all 4 times, man do I love that fact … :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:


After a sluggish first 40 we woke up.

Nice win.

Id play ressies against Napoli. Dont matter if you finish 1st or 2nd these days really does it?

Plus rests 1st team


Doubt we will beat Napoli by the scoreline we need especially with Spurs after, plus Spurs have to go for it that night.

Mix of reserves and first teamers (sorry whoever is going). Klopp probably pick his first team :rofl:

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Right lads, spank Napoli 6-0 next week and top the group.


Last season we went very strong in last game for the extra money. :grinning::grinning:

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Question I ask was why?

Beat Leeds first, think about Napoli later!


I think it’s hard to say a 3-0 away win in Europe is a diabolical performance. We were asleep for the first thirty, and rode our luck. But as soon as we woke up they could lay a glove on us and we pulled away.


He got a forearm on the chin…went down a bit dramatic…

Scary first 30 min, then we got that very important goal instead of Ajax. Second half we cruised it !
All in all, very pleased. Not entirely sure of MotM.
But a very good day for Liverpool ! :heart:

Bobby was very good for MOTM


The reason why I can’t decide for sure, is that I missed the last 15 when a friend came over. I just want to watch entire games before I vote :slight_smile:

We had so many games like this. We play well, we dominate, we create chances. Only to be sucker punched by the opponent. Great to have a change in luck.

We were awful until Mo scored but you have to give Ajax some credit for that because they gave us no time whatsoever on the ball. There was no way they could keep that up for 90 minutes though. Both of their best chances came from lucky deflections that fell their way.
Fabinho looked terrified of the ball 1st half but grew into it and looked a bit more like himself. Whole back line played well and I thought Bobby had a decent game.
I thought JK should have made the subs 10 minutes earlier and just hope Hendo doesn’t end up with a dead leg which could keep him out of the weekend.


Never in doubt … :kissing_closed_eyes:


In my opinion, they are not a friend if they come and interrupt you watching Liverpool. It is only marginally worse than interrupting you whilst you are eating. Definitely friendship ending moments :rofl: