Post match: Arsenal v Liverpool (EPL 9/10/22 4.30pm)

Simply not good enough. There were moments we played well but that’s what they were moments. Defensively poor once again. Refereeing was appalling. Penalty not given, a number of fouls not awarded. Questionable penalty given. Need to do a lot better and fast.




So Oliver let them kick Diaz and TAA out of the game at the cost of one free kick in total and gave them as a bonus a non existing penalty.

We were truly fucked tonight


Klopp and co have enough credit in the bank and they would be seeing all of this better than we do but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to see any improvements game on game and the table doesn’t lie. It is not working whatever we are trying. If it is the case to forcibly make it work, I don’t see that happening in foreseeable future. We don’t have the right team and personnel to make this new system work and I would rather prefer we are predictable but good 90% of the time than shite and unpredictable.

Salah, our and probably world’s top 5 players is absolutely marked out of the game by our own system than the opposition. We have reduced our midfielders and we are anyways bypassing them or they are getting bypassed for most of the game. We keep making the same mistakes again and again. The players seem confused and lost. From top to bottom, the attack and defense seems disjointed and boring.

The entire season is fcking boring. Don’t fcking write off a season just to get into a new system. It doesn’t need to be that way. We used to introduce players and systems slowly getting the basics right and then incrementally change things. Not in a season where we didn’t have a proper preseason and most of our players are wrecked.


London, the media and the PL/FA overall have their darling at the top of the league.
Doesn’t matter how badly we play, the refs take care of business so their goal can be achieved.

A clear handball in the box in the 1st half and the VAR don’t even ask him to look at it.
A 50/50 both going for the ball and Oliver calls it right away against us.
Throughout the entire game almost every call went to them (and Gomez gets a yellow for taking 4 seconds to get a FT in, while 2 Arsenal players took 18 and 22 seconds in the 1st half).

I don’t care about the media story that “it all balances out”. It doesn’t balance out against the club they all hate…


VVD’s long passing gave the ball back to them every time, although I would change him to RCB

We’re so bad right now. I’m off drinking.



We can both play shit, and the ref be shit as well. They are not mutually exclusive. Can’t win each game perfectly. Need the game to be officiated in a better manner.

Gomez yellow was a joke, giving Martenelli a whole 45 mins to run at him with a super soft yellow.


No, I’m not blaming referees. I’m blaming A referee. That fucking cunt on the pitch today. I’m not blaming him for Fulham, or Palace, or United, Everton, Brighton or Napoli.

I’m blaming him for today.

And as I type this, I’ve just seen the penalty again. There are no words. There are just no fucking words.


Football’s a shit sport!

Now I’ge got to deal with my 2 flatmates being smug cunts - bollocks!

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It was easy enough not to get into these situations in the first place. In my book, all three goals were perfectly avoidable. In our pomp, we’d have won two nil and @jaffod would be complaining tonight about the ref not having allowed us a pen to make it three.


Never a penalty if so so was Elliotts which wasnt one either, the standard of refereeing is bollox


He’s also more likely to tackle, injure and mark Alisson than he is an opposition player. A shadow of his former self.

After conceding a shit goal in the very first minute of such a crucial game , you just knew it was going to be a hard watch. The refereeing was inexplicable but then so was our performance.

Just shit all round really.


This has been the case for a while, the only goal against Napoli was not easily prevented was ours.


I guess we’ll have to root for Everton tonight, Champions League still a possible target.

Don’t want to comment more on the loss, I am done with this game.

Any football coach will tell you that all goals are avoidable.

Mistakes happen; you shouldn’t have to fight the referees as well as your opponents.


Hopefully Gomez today showed it’s not the system, it’s not the midfield, it’s the fullback not defending causing the problems… because Gomez locked down the right side and Martilleni did nothing,

Pity the rest if the team are mentally checked out for some reason. With hindsight it’s easy but an overhaul was needed the summer gone, we need a proper refresh.


It’s going to be a hard season, nevermind a hard watch…does it even matter what minute we concede in? We’re conceding first every game.

People need to realise we’re not playing Bournemouth every week.

I have just spoken to my Arsenal friend.
He is good at analysing footie generally.
I asked him why we were so shit this season.

He said " You haven’t bought enough young players you can’t keep the intensity for 7 years straight"

Also, he said “The ref did a bad job I think you should of got a pen and our pen was really soft.”