Post match: Chelsea v Liverpool (EPL 13/8/23 8pm)

An entertaining game during the first half, which then progressively fizzled out, probably due to tired legs on both sides. We could have won it by a canter if our forwards had been a bit more on the ball. On the other hand, we didn’t look very strong at the back. A lot of work needed to get a better balance into our game.

Bottom-line: Taylor and the VAR ref are corrupted. 100%. How they don’t give that stone-wall pen in the second half can’t be explained otherwise.

Get it away lads!


Great, now we have two threads :rofl:

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I’m too lazy to make that poll. Mascot will do them when he comes back.

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Can’t even bother seeing the post match. Hope Man Utd gets smashed tonight to make up for this.

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Is he on holiday with Kopptimist?

Once Jones Doak and Elliott came on we started to control the hame better .


Just going copy what I wrote in the other thread.

I thought it was pretty even in the end the draw was about right, shame we went off the boil after our disallowed goal, seemed to get back it in the second half but fizzled out.

At least that’s different from last season as our slow starts we’re a killer.

Refs will be refs but as I said before the game we have to mitigate that by finishing. I was pleased with the performance in general and I feel we look better than we did this time last year where we were lucky to get a point at Fulham.

We will improve but there is nothing particularly concerning me that we don’t already know about


Disappointed with the result. We need to Nick these games if we have to win the title again. Chelsea were there for the taking. Salah’s offside goal was the turning point and after that we did nothing. Maaca looked a bit nervy for me. He was caught between playing offensive and defensive.

Considering Klopptimist is here and Mascot ain’t. I’d be with @cynicaloldgit and say it’s a dungeon.

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Even though for most the handball will be a talking point in regards to the refs, it was the one when Szobo won it fairly and was penalised when we would have had a good break that for me just showed the bias from Taylor

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  • Ibou
  • VVD
  • Robbo
  • Mac
  • Dom
  • Gakpo
  • Mo
  • Diaz
  • Jota
  • Nunez
  • Doak
  • Jones
  • Elliot
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Away at Chelsea first game with Pochettino in charge. New look midfield, with Alex Mac Alister having to be deeper.

Good first 30 minutes where we could’ve had a couple, but then Chelsea squeezed control away. Klopp frustrated with the link up of the front three, so changed them all.

Overall, looking back, a point is decent. We are still after Moises even though we know he is a mercenary and using us as just a backup as he and his agent whores for more money with the plastics.

But our DM hole is dire, so we are still in for him.

Tight between Dom and Mac for MOM but Dominik for me. He’s got a mean streak.


I only saw the second half. Diaz header, goal bound, hand ball. Hand up, VAR check. Nope, nada, nothing. Then Szoboszlai ruled offside late on. When the ball was passed he was off the pitch.

Ref in the way of our players, Chelsea leaving their foot in and getting away with it.

Generally it looked very uneven in how it was refereed.

Darwin Nunez? Brilliant harry, won the ball from the defender, went at them, cut to the right, got a good shot off, hit defender, looped, beat the goalie, didn’t beat the post.

I like him. If we want to see more he will need to play more!

Mo’s little strop when he came off? On the one hand, it showed some passion. Good. On the other hand, it gives talking points to plenty in the media who have an agenda against us, so he needs to bear that in mind. Doak looked bright when he came on.


Mac, Boz, and Ibu

IF the Chavs sign Caicedo/Lavia/both, we should put in a cheeky bid for Gallagher. After a wobbly start, he really grew into that holding role.

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I think todays game both showed both need a bit of time to get up to speed

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