Post Match: Everton v Liverpool (EPL 17/10/2020 12.30pm)

With regards to michael oliver, ignoring the occasions when he might have been let down by VAR, there were numerous occasions where he simply failed to apply the laws correctly, and simply turned a blind eye to the blueshite’s misdemeanours.

Take for example the free kick following the high foot on Mane.

Law 13: Free Kicks states:

Until the ball is in play all opponents must remain:

  • at least 9.15 m (10 yds) from the ball, unless they are on their own goal line between the goalposts

It also states: If, when a free kick is taken, an opponent is closer to the ball than the required distance, the kick is retaken unless the advantage can be applied.

So why did oliver allow the free kick to proceed when all bar one of the blueshite were standing in front of his line i.e. less than 10 yards away; why didn’t he have the free kick retaken?

What is point of spraying a line if he then permits players to ignore it?

Why did he ignore Matip and Mo when they pointed out that the blueshite were less than 10 yards from the ball?

What is oliver’s problem? Shortsighted? Incompetent? Biased? All three? :thinking:


That is always going to happen when a large segment of the group develops a pile on mentality and reflexively blames one player for everything.

Alison demanded a world record fee in part because every once in a while he makes saves he’s got no right to make. You can make a claim that Adrian doesn’t make those saves often enough to deserve to be at a club like Liverpool, but I think it’s a very open question as to whether the back up keeper at any club does. What is happening here though is a separate issue. What should not happen is for any single case of a goal being scored that we cant reasonably demand the keeper save resulting in cries that he’s not good enough. Yet Adrian gets that all that time, such as yesterday. If you allow the opposition players to get shots on target from inside the 6 yard box, it is going to be a goal the overwhelming majority of times.


Announce Koulibaly


Well…”for a while” is now rest of the reason. Beeb confirmed Virg will need surgery on ACL.



VVD ACL surgery out for 6 to 9 months. This is going to be a tough season .

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who should start pre match threads …

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Ah well, can’t choose which game was worse now, this or Villa. Has to be this I suppose. So gutted now. :unamused:

Fck you Everton.


Not really. Regardless of where the ball is placed doesnt change whether the wall is on or in front of the line the ref marked out.


For all,yes,we’re still a fantastic team so let’s not jump off a building just yet.


How’s @Scott.Jones Jr handling the Barca loss to Getafe? Now that’s a building worth leaving.

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Well thank you very much ‘flappy’…suppose you achieved your intention yesterday, if it wasn’t Virg it would’ve been Sadio(I reckon) …a weak and watery apology to try and get away with a reckless, red card, scything tackle. And why do you think Virg told you to go away, after the tackle, cause you ruined his game for months…so flappy we would love to see you on the 20th February(it is at this moment)2021 at Anfield, and let’s hope fans are allowed in. You may find you receive a very hostile welcome…just think back to Oct and you’ll know why…(but in the meantime I hope some f*""er clatters you so hard you see stars and next week).(PS…the news today had really peed me off)…


I’m not normally one to go after the ref, but…

I think you are missing his point here, he’s highlighting one error amongst many, and even though it’s a small error it’s indicative of his game.

You can excuse a missed foul or a wrongly given goal kick for many many different reasons, but if you can’t get players to stand behind a line that you painted for the sole purpose of them to stand behind, then yeah, it’s probably worthy of noting.

Even though the advantage is negligible, what is happening here is he is letting the players dictate to him.

It’s a microism.

The same way failing to nail down on early bad tackles leads to worse stuff as the game progresses.

Again, the point isn’t how severe standing behind a line is, it’s that he couldn’t even get them to abide by that, simplest of simple compliance.


I believe Oliver was deliberately intimidated by the Everton players. They disputed every decision and surrounded him on several occasions, getting in his face. When this happened, he backed away instead of standing his ground and he went the colour of boiled shite! I also believe he bottled the Pickford incident, knowing he would have to send him off. It was easier to do nothing.


Just reminded me: Rodriguez asking for a yellow on us. Weasel.


people said he was too good for them, i thought the same thing about allan

they both showed yesterday that they belong. scumbags


I have no idea how Allan wasn’t shown a yellow until the 90th. He had his Fernandinho working all match.


He’s another sour faced little fu***ing trouble causer. Always running around waiving his hand to the ref for a card… And he was the one who kept ankle tapping Robbo on the sly…bitter bitch!


With your permission, may I show this to my wife as an excuse for my language yesterday?

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i’m not gonna say fernandinho isn’t a snide fucker, but a lot of the time, it’s that he’s cynically fouling to stop an opposition attack 3 & 4x without a yellow

allan was just looking to inflict physical damage at every turn, like a f–king copa libertadores grudge match in the 80s

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He’s a cheating turd, just like James. I would’ve loved to have had the chance to play against them, when I was alive!!!

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