Match Starting Thread Idea?

As @GermanRed has been temporarily banned from opening PL pre match threads, I suggest we do the following in order to logically handle when a match thread starter loses the privilege of opening the next thread!

Here is the idea!

  • New official pre match thread starter, opens the new thread. The thread MUST have a simple poll, with a realistic expected result, with options being win, loss or draw!

  • Once the game has finished, the actual result has to match or surpass the thread poll. If it does, then match starter remains for next game, or else you are immediately fired and sent to the corner to repent.

The key is a realistic vote and NOT your emotional vote of, we win every game irrespective of the opposition! I personally would vote away draw for any top 6 side, and wins for every other game.

What do you REDS think? Use the poll to vote, and reply for suggestions. And like for my ego.

I’ll start new pre match thread? Due to my decent record in the 18/19 season.

Good idea?
  • Yes, once again I agree with your brilliant mind.
  • Boooo, get of the stage!
  • I neither agree or disagree with your fantasies of grandeur and self importance!

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So with two votes in, this is a go!

The options were funny lol.

I think @Alright_Now should start all match threads so he doesn’t have to wait for others to do so. :no_mouth:


I like the fresh input of ideas but just don’t see the need for a pre-match vote. All that will happen is that anyone who doesn’t vote for a Liverpool win will be accused of not being a “real fan”… whatever that is.

Edit: I second @Colossal_centre_back ‘s motion. :joy:


I’m more of a complainer than doer. I’m not about getting my hands dirty.


Yeah, simple we lose you’re out. And the scapegoat. Boooo…

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We have enough scapegoats on the team itself.


But we could do with another one, seeing that Lovren hasn’t been adequately replaced.


I hear we are buying some fellow named Upamecano. He’s in trouble.

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Adrian has adequately replaced lovren


My only issue with that is, a home draw vs Fulham would feel like a loss.

Maybe a simple vote? 3 points is a must and 1 point barely acceptable. And hide the vote so “cynical persons” can remain anonymous. IMO it would be palatable to get an away draw at city.

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I wonder if he is bog standard, or the dogs bollocks? :astonished:


I believe it always starts with the latter and ends with the former.



Perhaps new match threads shouldn’t be opened by someone whose previous match thread ended in misfortune? Resets at the beginning of each season. Simple.

Always wondered who decides the Pre Match Thread opener, seems like such a cult responsibility.

I wouldn’t mind putting my hand up and having a run at it at some point but didn’t want to just jump in and do one as it seems to be deemed a key responsibility on here??


Don’t think having match threads OP in green would be good. And you should be allowed to use only that colour in this forum :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

This thread has gone cold.

Home draw against Fulham… how we laughed :frowning:



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Ok, so the name of this thread is completely wrong. It should be Match Thread Starting.
There should definitely be a thread about bad thread titles.
Clearly we suffered last season from bad titles. This led to injuries to our centre backs and thus cost us vital points in the title race.
To have any chance this season we need top notch thread starters and good titles.