Post match: Fulham v Liverpool (ELC 24/1/24 8pm)

Player of the match
  • Caohimin KELLEHER
  • Conor BRADLEY
  • Jarell QUANSAH
  • Virgil VAN DIJK
  • Joe GOMEZ
  • Harvey ELLIOTT
  • Luis DIAZ
  • Cody GAKPO
  • Darwin NUŃEZ
  • Curtis JONES
  • Diogo JOTA
  • Ibrahima KONATE
  • Bobby CLARK
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Unused subs: Alisson, Robertson, McConnell, Beck, Nyoni

:arrows_counterclockwise: 67’ Diogo JOTA :arrow_right: :arrow_left: Darwin NUŃEZ

:arrows_counterclockwise: 67’ Curtis JONES :arrow_right: :arrow_left: Alexis MAC ALLISTER

:arrows_counterclockwise: 84’ Bobby CLARK :arrow_right: :arrow_left: Ryan GRAVENBERCH

:arrows_counterclockwise: 84’ Ibrahima KONATE :arrow_right: :arrow_left: Cody GAKPO

:soccer: 12’ Luis DIAZ (:rightwards_hand: Jarell QUANSAH)

Kelleher crap. Where is Mrozek for the final

Scrappy, but job done.

The quadruple is still on.


Great win though, looking forward for this final. Need to step it up for final. Chelsea will be looking for revenge.

We did this with our 3rd choice left-back and 2nd choice right-back, another 20 year old in defence, and an 18-year-old finishing the game in midfield.

Playing away, no less.

I think we’re fine.



Lost our way a bit with the sub, probably Macallister in mid field. Don’t blame Klopp not bringing Robbo on the way they were fouling.

Diaz motm I thought Bradley played really well up to the goal and Elliott didn’t really help him.


Never in doubt :sunglasses:


Nice early goal, then pretty much in control until Fulham scored late on. Then was a case of getting the job done.

Harvey Elliott was everywhere today, like a young Henderson. Gravenberch still needs to do more defensively. Was able to hide a bit defensively with Mac Allister controlling and Elliott pressing hard. When Alexis went off, Gravenberch needed to step up.


Elliott seemed like he was determined to stick it to the fans by getting a goal or assisting but as the game went on he became a bit desperate and ill-disciplined in the formation.


Yeah I think Maca was probably more in his ear when he came off we lost a bit of that control dull stuff in the CM.

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Well, I am very content. Not a magical performance, but enough. We were put under pressure, but it never ever looked like Fulham could catch our lead. Besides, whenever Fulham pressed us on some of their quite nice attacks, we looked very dangerous on counter quite often. Over all, we were the better team in this game.
Quite watchable, sometimes a rodeo with back and forth attacks and some sloppiness, but that’s fun too tbh. If this was a Premier League game were 3 point was crucial, very,very different judgement from me, but it wasn’t, we were already up by a goal from Anfield.

I am very happy. Personally can’t really understand the grumpiness of some watching along the game. I found nothing to really complain about despite us having played far better on other days. I even relaxed enough to enjoy Fulham playing nice footie, personally.

Wembley incoming and hopefully an early title ^-^


Great game. :nerd_face:


We should have had it wrapped up after an hour. So wasteful second half put pressure on the defence for the last fifteen minutes. Nice to be at Wembley though. Well done to the youngsters.

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Also Antonio is dressed like a dick.

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That has real “nailed it” energy

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In control until the last 10-15mins when Fulham got the goal and then had a bit of momentum. Besides that I never felt uncomfortable our place in the final was in danger. Pretty much everyone played well, tough to really pick standouts…Diaz Quansah Nunez Grav all very good, Bradley too except that 1 lapse in judgement which he’ll learn from.