Post match: Liverpool v Brighton (EPL 3/2/21 8.15pm)

Man of the match
  • Caoimhin KELLEHER
  • Nathaniel PHILLIPS
  • Jordan HENDERSON ©
  • Andrew ROBERTSON
  • James MILNER
  • Thiago ALCANTARA
  • Mohamed SALAH
  • Roberto FIRMINO
  • Xherdan SHAQIRI
  • Divock ORIGI
  • Curtis JONES

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Unused subs: Adrian, Tsimikas, Davies, R Williams, Cain, N Williams

:arrows_counterclockwise: 64’ Alex OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN on Divock ORIGI off
:arrows_counterclockwise: 64’ Divock ORIGI on Gini WIJNALDUM off.
:arrows_counterclockwise: 79’ Curtis JONES on Roberto FIRMINO off

I’m going to say this now because doubtless it will be needed at some point this evening.



Well, that was shite.

Why are Liverpool home defeats like London buses…

Just the two changes for the Tricky Reds tonight as they looked to make amends for the dropped points- thanks to the officials- on the south coast earlier in the season, but one of them was enough to get people seriously concerned. Alisson was missing due to an undisclosed illness- the rumour is a dose of Delhi belly. Caoimhin came in; the other change was the return of Bobby in place of Big Div.

The first half opened with a cracking long ball from Henderson which found Mo running in behind and the Egyptian should have made much more of the opportunity. It sailed harmlessly over the bar. After that it was all a bit flat- to be polite- as the home side looked to control possession and tire the opposition, ready to pick them off in the second half.

Indeed, it was the visitors who had the two best chances in the opening forty five minutes, with Burn and Maupay both blasting over when they should have done a lot better.

As the players trudged off for their halftime oranges, we could only hope that our toothless display was part of Jürgen’s master plan. If it wasn’t, we were simply pants.

The second half started much as the first had ended- tediously- but then, ten minutes in, Trossard crossed to Burn, who got in behind Trent, and the lanky left-back’s knock down was deflected off Nat’s boot into Alzate, whose effort took a deflection en route to the net off Trossard. Scrappy would be kind; still, 1-0 to the Seagulls.

With 64 minutes played, Shaq and Gini- both of whom had been anonymous at best- were replaced by Ox and Div. A more direct approach for the last half hour, maybe? Well… no. We did the square root of fuck all for the rest of the game and it really is becoming a worrying trend that we can’t break down mediocre teams at Anfield.

It was also Brighton’s first win at Anfield since March 1982; full credit to tonight’s opponents for defending resolutely and making the most of their forward forays. I hope they stay up. People might look at the scoreline and think this was a proverbial smash and grab but that would be doing our visitors a gross disservice.

Next up is the visit of Manchester Cheaty to Anfield on Sunday afternoon; given the human rights abusers’ recent run of form, with thirteen wins in a row, it’d be a good time to remind everyone who the best team in the country really is. Much will depend on the officials, of course, and it goes without saying that we will have to improve infinitely on the rubbish served up tonight.

The last time we failed to score in three consecutive home games was way back in 1984; surely we won’t make it four on Sunday? The City wankathon has already started; I hope we slap them silly on Sunday.

MOTM: Captain Sir Tom Moore. I’m not by any means sentimental- in fact, I’m a miserable bastard- and an old man dying is hardly news, but this man truly was an inspiration for millions. It’s a pity that he had to raise millions for the chronically underfunded NHS- and the politicians who were so fulsome in their praise should be ashamed of themselves for letting the health service reach such a state in the first place- but he did so with bravery in his heart and a smile on his face. Captain Tom was a true hero; may he rest in peace.


been a season from hell…
anything that can go wrong has gone wrong…

Just when it looked like attack was getting back, Mane goes down.

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It’s a funny old game isn’t it. Not that long ago we had the best full backs in the world, the best front 3 in the world and a world class midfield. How times change. Ho-hum. We’ll still beat City though, that’s a given and the reason I’d kick the cat if I had one.

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As good as Hendo has been at CB we need him back in the midfield. We have so much less creativity without him there. Lets hope one of our new CBs are ready to start alongside Fab on the weekend



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Can’t even be arsed with the usual joke.


ahh well… nothing to say to be honest…FUCK!!!

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Kelleher MOTM

City are getting spanked if theres a God.

If someone could send Klopp a “beating a low block defence for dummies” manual That’d be great.

Groundhog Day.

Just utter dogshit, to lose on a whimper when it doesn’t go our well. Step the fuck up you soft cunts.

P.s. To bring on Origi and Ox on ahead of Jones who changed the West Ham game is just shit management. Utterly bizarre decision.


Bag o’ shite.


Disgusting, disgraceful, embarrassing, pathetic, unacceptable, shameful.

Am I missing anything else?

This team is fundamentally broken, Trent is a liability, Bobby shouldn’t be anywhere the near pitch and Ox offers us nothing. Sorry lads, but pressure it on Klopp to change this fast. He is starting to pile up a lot of negative records. Injuries or not, we should be good enough to beat Burnley and Brighton at home

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I’m not crying, you’re crying

Oh well, let’s see what happens against City!

No home goal since 27th December. Kept scoreless in 4 of last 6 games.

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I’m not even angry. I just feel really sorry for them.