Post match: Liverpool v Burnley (10/2/24 3pm)

If he’s got the same virus I have had for the last week, I wouldn’t count on his being match fit by next weekend. It’s really draining.

We can only hope that the state of the art treatment he’s no doubt receiving precipitates his recovery.


If it’s like what VVD he will be fine.

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If they said flu, it depends if it is A or B.

A longer, respiratory.
B the squits. Not great, but fast recovery.


Harvey changed the game. As I said in the in game thread, Harvey (and also Ryan) has been better coming off the game second half than when he starts. Don’t know why but it has happened more than once this season.

Happy with the result. Many players missing and hopefully we recover some for next weekend. Next Erik will be a lot tougher

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Piece of piss.

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Also if they’ve had the jab they will be less susceptible to it.

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And he’s a young, fit athlete while you are a cynical old git.


No Europa games until March, mate.

Was gonna say the same thing. :joy:

Confused it with the Luton game.

I’m not angry, just….try harder next time, yeah?

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I am surprised how few people picked Kelleher for one of the three stars. That was a shaky first half, and he had several key moments that prevented the game from getting away. A couple of good stops, and some aggressive closing down to prevent dangerous shots from happening.


Yes, a few good saves and pretty confident with his feet as well.

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Do you want me to mention Alice again?

Alice? Who the fuck is Alice?

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Well for 24 years you’ve been living next door to her :wink:

P[quote=“PaulRoJo, post:57, topic:4086, full:true”]
Well for 24 years you’ve been living next door to her :wink:

Well someone had to I suppose…
You should administer some hard punishment to yourself for that…

But he started it! :wink:

No point taken, will ask my wife to cane me when she gets back from NZ :sob:

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