Post Match: Liverpool v Burnley (EPL 21/1/21 8pm)

We got robbed of a really shite draw.


Everything up to the opposition box is great. A combination of poor form and wretched luck is doing us.

Also if anyone thinks that’s a penalty, they can fucking do one because I guarantee you Mo gets a yellow card if that’s him.


The last time we lost at home in the PL, Trump was the President. :crazy_face:

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The saddest thing about tonights performance and result is that I am not even surprised by it

I have come to expect these results and performances lately.

This cant go on,

if we miss champs league footie next year, we then have a huge fucking problem,
due no champs league cash, no match day revenue.

This team needs to sort its self out,


We’re in bad form.

Divock. Bench all season. Gets a start.

Around the 43rd minute finds himself one on one with the keeper, with no pressure from defender putting him off. Fluffs it. Story of the match.

Regards to the Burnley penalty, ref was always going to give it. Alison should’ve pulled back. Having said that. In the fist half, Mane shooting in the box, then gets cleaned out with a late tackle. What was the difference?

People would argue that Mane had already taken a shot. But then you could also argue that Barnes would never have got to ball after the touch.

Need to see that handball/no handball decision again. Sky sports not shown it again during the game (wonder why?)/

Best chances for us came when we tried to carry the ball by dribbling. Should’ve dome more of that, and Curtis who likes to dribble, should;ve come on instead of Taki. We played crap, and yet this game could have ended 1-0 the other way as well.

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Nail in coffin. Losing to Burnley at home is rock bottom. Never mind not scoring in 4 games… potentially 7 points behind City. Top 4 is now the realistic target, and we aren’t even getting that unless something changes.

Sorry but this is just horseshit…

We have no idea how to play anymore. You can’t possible think watching us aimlessly cross it for 90mins is “unlucky”.

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In some twisted way, I think we needed this.

Shame is we have Man U then Spurs, which we know will be tough.

Looking forward to all the misery in here. Will check back in tomorrow.


Dirty Burnley didn’t deserve the win tho,dogshit cunts.


I feel unwell


I would have thought that anyone who saw that pen would have seen it was a cheat but having said that we were pretty crap. With 4 mins to go we are knocking half hit passes across our own penalty box !!! Hard to believe how poor we have become .Passing is so slow, decision making so slow .movement off the ball slow Un F****ing believable. Some big decisions to make before Sunday. We need to win the FA cup now. Our best chance of a trophy this season

Trent 1/22 crosses. I’ve never seen anything so horrendous.


I’ve had better Thursday nights, let me tell you…

O wells…

@anon61491174 I’m coming for you… :ghost:


That’s why I said everything until the opposition bad is really good. We’re struggling to create the killer ball. There is so little space.


That is the sad thing about football in England at the moment. Cheats prosper.


I said on here after the Fulham game that I was worried about getting in the top four…I’m a bit worried about relegation now.

Trent thinks he’s got all day to pass it now he’s the best right back in the world.
Sadio has lost a couple of yards.
Mo is trying to knock the ball through players every time.
Origi needs shipping out with Ox as soon as possible.

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2 great seasons where we have been outstanding, hopefully this year is just a little blip, our players look burnt out and just don’t have the spark or belief to unlock a packed defense.


I just can not get excited anymore. We fuck around on the edge of their box. Just to soft and pathetic. Our corners are crap. Fuck off, Klopp sort it out.

No MOTM for us thought we had worst player of the match AOC then Salah and Firmino came on and even that wasn’t evident!

Fuck off! We need to score soon or we will drown!

Me too.

I let myself get really hungry and then ate too much dinner too quickly.

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I said in the summer on here this team have run through walls for 2 years.
Amassed silly points totals in last 2 seasons. Been amazing…but I feared a drop off this season and it’s happened. Ok injuries to our cbs haven’t helped but we weren’t great with them the last few games.
It’s natural. We’ve won the 2 biggest prizes in football 4 in total and the player were incredible but it can’t go on forever.
You don’t go 5 games without scoring and retain the title with city about. We just need to aim for 4 th cos at the moment we are going to struggle to finish in top 4.

What’s worrying is after about 20 minutes you knew we weren’t scoring. Cross after cross to no one, sloppy passes, giving it away.
Burnley never looked like scoring but they didn’t need to at 0-0 you’re always in with a chance.