Post Match: Liverpool v Leicester (EPL 22/11/20 7.15pm

Curtis Jones looked like a 26 year old seasoned pro tonight!


Wonderful, especially the conclusion. Thanks again.

Maybe just edit to include the hug Millie gave Bobby for me. Send me a message when done.


Andy Robbo by the way. What a fucking stud. Must have hamstrings made of steel cable.


Great performance, down to the bare bones. The Keita injury was the only negative, he was playing very well but he can’t stay fit and we can’t rely on him.
Very hard to pick MoM’s because you could almost pick anyone. I went for Jota, Robbo and Bobby.
Hopefully Thiago, Ox and Hendo can’t be far away form a return.


That was a firm putting Leicester in their place - this. I loved the calm and controled manner in which the lads totaly took the edge out of anything Leicester were trying to do and subsequently barely got a final ball through.

Embodyment of this was a very bold and mature Jones performance - took the base midfield position and connected dutys with true authority - very impressed by that.

Jota continues to build a legacy , Bobby and Sadio will haunt Leicester’s defenders in their dreams and Millie once again bossed a position he hates like it’s no biggie at 49 or whatever his age is now… I’m chuffed.

Gini to be named the unsung hero of hard work and underrated brilliance in another tireless showing and - last but not least - Matip and Fab at CB ! No sweat , nothing to see. Commanding the box and foreseeing everything. Boooooring!!! :laughing:

I love it.


That was one of the most comprehensive solid performances I’ve seen us put in for a good while. Defence midfield and attack were all excellent.

Mentions as always to Robbo, Matip, Milner and Jones. thought they were excellent



Very well played game from the lads. Very very happy for Bobby. So unlucky with the ones he could’ve scored earlier in the game, but finally puts it away with a thumping header :laughing::laughing:. Our Defense was never under pressure the whole game. I think our Midfield played a huge part in that on limiting Leicester chances and penetrating balls they can supply to Vardy. Milly was excellent in the first half providing those compose incisive passes that really put Leicester on their back foot. Diogo Jota, WOW what a player, Michael Edwards take a bow. What a bargain this guy is. His instinct for goals and the runs he makes his too notch. Second half was more open we had more space to run behind their defence and we could’ve scored a lot more had it not been Schmeihel and the post :laughing:. Bobby played really well the whole game, so happy he finally broke the duck.
This win was a collective win from the lads, we have so many players out. Hopefully Keita injury isn’t serious, such bad luck he has.

Let’s wrap up Champs League so we can rest more players.

On to Atalanta.



Excellent from start to finish Glad for Bobby, up to his goal it was like a voodoo on him.

Brendan played for his counter game, but we controlled the ball and restricted them to just a few runs.

Very telling that Taki and Divock only came on after the 3rd goal in the 89th minute. Klopp really wanted to get this win.

Milner used all his experience in this game, first at right back, then in midfield.


I’m giving MoTM to every fucking hero who stepped on the pitch today. Best performance of the corona era for me. Sensational :grinning:


Great performance all around. Especially Robbo and Milner, who were immense. Curtis slotted in very well too. So pleased for Bobby.

Come on you reds!


How on earth are we going to beat Leicester without Hendo, Salah, Virgil, Joe, Trent and Thiago?

We’ll just put 11 other boss lads on the pitch and it will be fine.


Can’t believe I still underestimate this team. What Klopp and these players have done the past few years is phenomenal and even when we’re down to the bare bones, they just grind what’s supposed to be a title challenger into nothing.

The day that deal with AXA runs out they should name the new training complex after Jurgen. He’s transformed every facet of this club and that place should be his lasting legacy.


Great result.

So many good performances tonight as well.

Robertson (MoM), Mane, Matip, Fabinho, Jota etc etc etc.

happy days. How did Spurs sneak to 20 points?


Matip is often under-recognized here , but him and Fab with fuck all training and fuck all playing together in defense, and they literally ruled their yard.

Hard to pick the top 3 for this in terms of the match , but Matip…when fit , is up there with th best


Brilliant all round perfomance. Hard to pick MotM. Think it’s between Milner, Bobby or Robbo but literally any one of the starting line up could get it. shame about Naby, hopefully not too bad

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So what was all the fuss about? Piece of piss, that. Time and again opposing teams, playersand managers are hyped up to enormous proportions by the media, pretty crazy really. I mean, Fofana in particular was being hyped as the second coming of Franco Baresi and he was fucking awful, Lovren at his worst was better than that and then the actual second coming himself, the Football Whisperer, Brendan Rodgers was completely outwitted. The fuckers are lucky it wasn’t 7-8.

Our lads are incredibly well drilled and everyone knows their role as well as being interchangeable with many others. We’re the best coached team in the league with the best fuck off mentality. Incredible performance with so many players out. The rest of the league has just let out a massive sigh and said ‘ah fuck it’.


That was an even more comprehensive thrashing than the one we gave them last Christmas … with half a fucking team out.

Running out of superlatives for this squad of players now. Mentality monsters , each and every one of 'em.

Robbo , Jota and Bobby men of the match , and young Curtis not far behind.


This is some side. At some point we need to believe and enjoy it.