Post Match: Liverpool v Shrewsbury (FAC 9/1/22 2pm)

Man of the match
  • Caoinhim KELLEHER
  • Conor BRADLEY
  • Ibrahima KONATE
  • Virgil VAN DIJK
  • Andrew ROBERTSON
  • Tyler MORTON
  • Kaide GORDON
  • Curtis JONES
  • Takumi MINAMINO
  • Roberto FIRMINO
  • Melkamu FRAUENDORF
  • Kostas TSIMIKAS
  • James NORRIS

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Unused Subs: Adrian, Matip, Mabaya, Balagizi,

:arrows_counterclockwise: 45’ Takumi MINAMINO on, Max WOLTMAN off
:arrows_counterclockwise: 64’ Roberto FIRMINO on, Elijah DIXON-BONNAR off
:arrows_counterclockwise: 80’ Melkamu FRAUENDORF on, Kaide GORDON off
:arrows_counterclockwise: 90+2 Kostas TSIMIKAS on, Andrew ROBERTSON off
:arrows_counterclockwise: 90+2 James NORRIS, Tyler MORTON off

:soccer: 34’ Kaide GORDON (Assist Conor BRADLEY)
:soccer: 44’ FABINHO
:soccer: 78’ Roberto FIRMINO (Assist Conor BRADLEY)
:soccer: 90+2’ FABINHO (Assist Kostas TSIMIKAS)

Brilliant result for this mixed-up team! It’s always good to see fresh blood coming into the squad and they gave a really good account of themselves.

Scoreline a bit harsh on Shrewsbury who made a real contest out of this game, well done to them.

We march on in a competition we haven’t done well in the last decade or so. It would be good to have a good run at this trophy, and with this batch of youngsters providing quality depth, everything is possible for us! :+1:t2:


Comfortable in the end and a good mix of players, considering the lack of training and so on I’m not going lament mistakes and the like.


Well done @GermanRed :clap:


Draw is in less than an hour.

Cambridge, please.

Or Utd…whichever is shitter.


I hope Robbo’s ankle is ok after that late tackle forced him off.


Gordon, what a player… This is why you can’t get your knickers in a twist about transfers, we literally have the next front 3 player in our own youth set up ready to step up in the next 1-2 years.



Loved the Brazilianishness of our goals and celebrations today. Gordinho’s was the best.


Job done.

Conceded a sloppy goal. The kids on the right were caught out a few times, and for the Shrewsbury goal Konate did…not exactly sure. Anyway, it woke us up.

A mix of first team plus youth prospects plus kids who would normally move around U18 and U23 for another two/three years.

Bobby injected class when he came on.

Overall, mission complete.


I’m actually really sad that he didn’t manage to score in the League Cup matches, could have beaten Woodburn’s record, or even become the first 16-year-old to score for us.


Pretty drab watch although with everyone more further forward than Fabinho being youth players, other than Curtis, it was to be expected. Disappointed with the tempo though, very very lethargic. Jones, in particular as the most senior of the lot in the final third and more on the ball than most, really needs to be setting it higher than that. Let’s call it rust.

Onwards we go, though, so not really going to dwell on it.

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I want City. Just to stop them getting an easy draw

Thought Fabinho was the stand out player even without the goals, then Bradley, certainly in his attacking display was the pick of the youngsters.

Bobby looked sharp when he came on and Jones grew into the game and looked really good for the last 20 or so.

I just don’t see the hype around Gordon though. I admit I’ve never seen him at youth level, but I’ve probably seen all his senior appearances and while he never looks particularly bad, I’ve never seen anything to make me think he’ll make it all the way here, though obviously it would ve great if he could. Certainly don’t think he was one of the motm today, even if he took his goal well.

Even Frauendorf looked more effective at the end.

Anyone who voted in the MOTM will need to go again, because Hope went off too early, again…

Never really in doubt but we don’t half make things hard at times. Gordon is one that stood out , Bradley a bit like a headless chicken at times but got better as the game went on, Konate positioning I very suspect at times, I thought Morton was steady . Good result and hopefully a easy draw for next round. Onwards and upwards.

Woah, we looked ropey in the beginning but as the time pass,all the players grew into the game.

Bradley is a bit soft. Needs to be harder. Had an assist as well. Hopefully, he can grow to be our next TAA.

Konate needs to wake the fuck up. He needs to be more aware of his surroundings.

Minamino and Jones has to do more to ensure they can fill in for Mane or Jota.

Kaide Gordon needs to be playing for the first team. This boy has ice in his veins.

Morton has to bulk up a bit more for the B2B role.

Tsimikas is Tsimikas. What a delivery.