Post match: Liverpool v Spurs (EPL 7/5/22 7.45pm)

He’s played heaps to be fair.

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In terms of grasping at straws, makes me feel slightly better about drawing there — they did the double over City. Annoying result but always felt this would be a tough one. Still plenty to play for this month!


Well a tough opponent with a coach who lives for taking down the big opponents.

We were off our game all over the park unfortunately. I’m not going to name names about poor performances but really the only player comment is to Diaz. The only player in our entire team that was always clean with the ball at his feet. That guy is incredible. How he’s not fatigued like the rest I just don’t understand.

It really is miracle time now in terms of the league.


We played well but not well enough to beat them. Spurs defended more than excellent and we could not find enough openings. This was the trophy that was not in our own hands anyway.

Shit happens.

BTW, Diaz MotM for me


I dont think we could have done anything more today , looking back the loss to Leicester and salah penalty miss will define the premier league title. i think City are still favourites to win but if Newcastle turn up you never know lets hope


If only the other forwards would play with the same tenacity and passion as Diaz.
Jota is just way off it at the moment. Really missing Bobby as an option from the bench.

Mo seems more focused on interviews and his own personal milestones than anything else. This is the time for him to shine if he wants to be regarded as one of the games greats.


Do we even need a motm poll? Just give it to Diaz every time, he’s been our best player every game since he’s arrived.


Played well 1st half 2nd we lost a bit of the control which was mostly from giving up possession too easily. We had opportunities to score with better quality but our forwards, apart from Diaz kept shooting when players were in a better position to score or shoot.


One thing I will say is can we think of more creative free kick ideas please.


Of course, that’s my point.

A couple more Citeh meltdowns are always welcome. They tend to be entertaining.

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Sorry I should have said that I’ve just realised how much he’s played

I just think they were mentally fatigued out there tonight, tired minds meant poor decision making and poor execution. Diaz scored from a big deflection, that looked like it was being blocked as well. The second half we had to go big vs Villarreal which has cost us here.

Trent looked like you could have given him 2000 chances and he’d not make a cross. Mo similar, he could have played 1000 minutes and he’d run into trouble.


Can’t fault the effort.

Conte with seven days to prepare his defensive line with trying to get one counter chance. That allowed all them blocks to be done.

Of course, disappointing that Trent stopped tracking Kane and let him go, but apart from that, he was defensively solid.

Michael Oliver trying to let the game flow in the first half, and Spurs reacted better to this ref style by making those Romero style aggressive defending fouls in the first half knowing they won’t get punished. Allowed them to make those tactical yellows in the second when Salah was breaking.

On another day, one of those corners would’ve been converted. Our pressing int he first 15 mins was excellent. Spurs couldn’t breathe. But we never got that good chance.

Anyway, not over till it’s over. Keep going.


I dunno they’ve looked a bit shit for a few months now.

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Thought we played well, Spurs came for a point and showed no ambition. Got what they wanted.

The thing that confuses me is that a point doesn’t help them. Arsenal are in pole position for 4th and they needed a win today to flip that but they showed no desire to go an win the game. They came to spoil our party, not to win the game themselves.

I find that confusing.


I think all the games have caught up on us, the two man midfield was encouraging their counter attacks and even though Jota has scored a few his general play has not been good, disappointing night but we fight on.


Knackered great team vs fresh average team


11 reds v 11+3…and 11cheats…

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Son is such a cool guy, which beggars belief why the fuck he’s at Spurs.