Post Match | Liverpool vs. West Ham | 24/09/2023

Moyes’ record of never winning an away game against a decent side ever in tact.

  • Alisson
  • Gomez
  • Matip
  • VVD
  • Robbo
  • Mac
  • Jones
  • Big Dom
  • Mo
  • Diaz
  • Nunez
  • Grav
  • Gakpo
  • Jota
  • Wataru
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Return of the multi option poll so you can vote for Big Dom and give others a chance (I went with Matip & Jones).


Job done. Onwards and upwards.


Nice win in the end. Hopefully results elsewhere stay the same.

EDIT - They did :tada:


Only two votes :roll_eyes:

Great win against a very solid West Ham team. Thought we were good in the first half in a close game but second half I was very impressed with how we took it against from them and really limited what they could do.

Szoboszlai and Salah for me were both excellent but hard to find a poor performance on the pitch.

It’ll get marked down as another routine win against a mid-table team but I think by the end of the season it’ll be clear what a good victory it is. West Ham will finish in the top 7.


Never happy you lot. Upped to 3.

I dare you to ask for 4 next week.

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Magic, just magic. Mo for me, Duracell bunny as ever. That finish from Nunez though, frucking genius.

The future my friends, is bright.


Good win against a team who played very well.

Szoboslai was amazing yet again. Salah and Nunez linked up beautifully. Mac Allister had a great second half and that pass was outstanding. Matip looked so much better today.

Some really odd comments about Nunez and Jones on here, I know some of you are desperate to find fault but at least wait until they have a bad game.

Paqueta and Bowen were very good for West Ham, the former is potentially a top player.

That reminded me of 21/22 a bit. West Ham gave us problems when they were playing at a high intensity but they couldn’t sustain it for 90 minutes. After 60 it was all us.


Great win against a good side. No bad performances to note. Midfield looking really assured. Dom will get the plaudits because he’s so eyecatching, but Mac Allister had a terrific game at the base. Solid but unspectacular in the first half but really impressive in the second.

Bar maybe Matip (who was good to be fair), this is our best XI in terms of shape atm, with the likes of Jota adding spark to put games to bed. Still early so I’ve been trying not to get carried away, but I’m starting to feel more and more excited about what this team can achieve. Spurs will be the biggest test yet.

Side note, that Paqueta for West Ham really looks a player.


We have a habit of signing players who have worldies against us. Think we’ve seen one today we’ll be taking on roller coasters at Blackpool.

He’s been a very naughty boy (betting), otherwise he’d be at City already.

Going off the official site it sounded like Dom was everywhere so he gets my man of the match, good result anyhow after yesterday I was worried it would be a crap weekend.

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Again we start a game in a casual manner, allowing the other team to take control and make chances. We were really lucky not to concede at least one goal before we got the penalty. And again it takes a half time pep talk from the boss plus some tactical tweaking to take control of the game and start making chances ourselves.

I thought that Jones did really well, even in the first half, and the slagging off he got from some was really unjustified.


Aguerd again today was absolutely shite for them. Hopefully the rumours of us having a long standing interest in him prove to be false.

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Really don’t think that’s a fair description of the first half. We looked very slick in possession and just needed to be more clinical. West Ham were not “in control” - they just started and ended the half well.

Agree Jones had a good game though.

  • Antonio: “I am backing myself over Liverpool,” "You know what, I think we are going to finish higher than Liverpool this season. I’m putting it out there. “I watched the game [Liverpool 3-1 Wolves] because it was before our game and Wolves could have run away with it!”

  • Matip after keeping him in his back pocket for the entire game:
    The Rock Shut Up GIF by WWE




I’m not really sure why he’s still playing, the evidence that he was involved looks pretty clear. I guess these things take time.

Games like these make me wonder how the years A.S. (After Salah) will be like. He was involved in almost all our attacks and really showed us (for the umpteenth times) the class he’s made of.
Really glad that Gomez had such a superb game, he looks like he’s finally back to full fitness and ready for an extended run in the side.
Love Nunez and his passion! He really feels like part of the family now. His goal (especially after that miss…) really really glad for him.
And what more needs to be said about Szoboszlai?
YNWA hope we keep this up!