Post match: Man City v Liverpool (EPL 1/4/23 12.30pm)

Player of the match
  • Alisson BECKER
  • Ibrahima KONATE
  • Virgil VAN DIJK
  • Andrew ROBERTSON
  • Jordan HENDERSON
  • Harvey ELLIOTT
  • Mohamed SALAH
  • Cody GAKPO
  • Diogo JOTA
  • Darwin NUNEZ
  • Roberto FIRMINO
  • Kostas TSIMIKAS
  • James MILNER

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Unused subs: Kelleher, Gomez, Arthur, Matip

:arrows_counterclockwise: 70’ Darwin NUNEZ :arrow_right: :arrow_left: Mohamed SALAH

:arrows_counterclockwise: 70’ Roberto FIRMINO :arrow_right: :arrow_left: Diogo JOTA

:arrows_counterclockwise: 70’ Kostas TSIMIKAS :arrow_right: :arrow_left: Andrew ROBERTSON

:arrows_counterclockwise: 70’ Alex OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN :arrow_right: :arrow_left: Harvey ELLIOTT

:arrows_counterclockwise: 82’’ James MILNER :arrow_right: :arrow_left: Cody GAKPO

:soccer: 16’ Mohamed SALAH (Assist Diogo JOTA)

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Good 45 and a disastrous 45. :neutral_face::neutral_face:



MOTM was me for waking up late and not bothering at 2-1.


Jack Grelish needs a haircut with a chainsaw.

Other than that I thought our kit was very clean, the pitch was in good nick and the camera work was excellent.


And a cut throat razor

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You know when you head off shopping for what you think is going to be shopping for what you need personally, but then the day morphs into a day of your wife clothes shopping and your legs suddenly go and you don’t think you can actually stand up any more from all the waiting and just undertaking an activity you don’t even remotely enjoy?

Well, I personally don’t think it has anything to do with physical conditioning. It’s really just that you’ve given, up, surrendered and you are mentally not willing to offer energy to what is unfolding in front of you. In short, you have neither fight not belief that you can turn it around.

I actually thought we showed a slightly weaker mentality after they equalised in the first half. It was straight after Salah made that ridiculously heavy touch which stopped him from making a pass across to Jota who would have gone one on one with the keeper. That was the beginning of the end.

I feel these players allow the thought of ‘well is just not our day’ to get into their mind way to easily in a match. Way too early in a match. We are mentally pathetic. IMO nothing to do with physical conditioning. Physical conditioning is a nice excuse to avoid answering the hard question of whether these players even care any more.

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We lost to a far superior side, sometimes that happens.

Love to know how many wins/draws/losses we’ve had with Fab Hendo Harvey all starting, can’t be more than about 2.

Going through motions, just get this season over with.


Good first half. Killed by the goal straight off the rebound.

Don’t worry about it. It’s City away. Move on the Chelsea and make sure we get the job done.


IMO this tells a lot one yellow for us and that was for Salah, we let them piss all over us and did nothing, somebody should tell them that the fair play cup is not really a price. Becker my Man of the Match.

A lot has to change.

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desperately need about 5/6 new capable talented players,

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Shocking start to the second half. Two quick goals, then game over.

Grealish, being a prick aside, deserves praise for tracking back, cutting out the pass (imo he side footed it to Ederson, so a shout for a back pass). That was the key moment where we could’ve gone two up.

The other was the Rodri two handed stopping Gakpo breaking right after getting a yellow for the same things.

But that second half opening collapse was just awful.

I hope Mantwity get Real Madrid in the CL final.


The problem with the rebuild as we’re going to (hopefully) do, is that we are pretty much writing next season off as a work in progress. The bar is currently mid-table and it is hard to get out of that mindset and be challenging for for 1st or the cups.

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Question: are we allowed to still take the piss out of United up and leaving the stadium with half an hour to go because they are getting their pants pulled down if we are doing the same but switching off the TV mid way through the game?

Oh, Rodri should have been sent off. Ref absolutely bottled it.

And I thought Gakpo one looked like a Pen. I’d have to see it again, but it looked like the City play stood on his standing foot.

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This season we’ve lost to a long list of small teams: Brentford, Brighton, Bournemouth, Wolves, Man City. Loads of them.

Gutted, but not surprised.