Post match: Man City v Liverpool (EPL 10/4/22 4.30pm)

Man of the match
  • Alisson BECKER
  • Joel MATIP
  • Virgil VAN DIJK
  • Andrew ROBERTSON
  • Jordan HENDERSON
  • Thiago ALCANTARA
  • Mohamed SALAH
  • Sadio MANE
  • Diogo JOTA
  • Luis Diaz
  • Naby KEITA
  • Roberto FIRMINO

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Unused subs: Kelleher, Konate, Milner, Gomez, Jones, Tsimikas

:arrows_counterclockwise: 70’ Luis DIAZ :arrow_right: Diogo JOTA :arrow_left:

:arrows_counterclockwise: 78’ Naby KEITA :arrow_right: Jordan HENDERSON :arrow_left:

:arrows_counterclockwise: 84’ Roberto FIRMINO :arrow_right: Sadio MANE :arrow_left:

:soccer: 13’ Diogo JOTA (Assist Trent ALEXANDER-ARNOLD)

:soccer: 46’ Sadio MANE (Assist Mohamed SALAH)

Disappointed with the performance → that’s why happy with the result


not the worst result considering the shitty first half we had


We just about got away with one here.

The first half was way too sloppy.

Let’s win the rest and see where everything falls


Can’t complain about this result with this performance. It’s regrettable that we couldn’t be in our best. All we can do now is keep playing to win each next game, see where it takes us.

Given how many times we outplayed them and didn’t end up with the 3 points, it’s fair it was the other way around this time.


Thought our second half deserved possibly another goal, but their first probably deserved 3, so I can’t complain too much.


Given the game scenario, and that we were totally off our game during the first half, I’d say that it is an ok result.

Not to lose was the first and foremost mission here. A win would have been wonderful, but it’s still mission accomplished today in my book, against an admittedly very strong team.


I feel we were lucky, happy with the point at the end of the day. 2nd half was much better.


Think we needed the win. Need a huge favour now.

Struggle to give any real credit to anyone. Salah and Mane were much better second half. Thought Henderson had some good moments.

Same as at Anfield, City the better side but we come out with a 2-2 draw. I hope Klopp comes up with a different game plan for the FA cup because we’re not beating them on that Wembley pitch by playing like that.


Given how they started and playing at their place, very good result. They’ll fuck up against some no-marks and we’ll scamper clear and win by a clear 3 points. VERY lucky to finish with 11 men too. But ref bias and all that.


Thought it was two rather evenly matched teams, with some really bad refereeing decisions (not all against us).

The bedwetting was over the top for what the match itself was. Almost like people have forgotten that other teams are allowed to be good, indeed even good at the things that we’re good at.


Can’t complain about the result. In the first half, they bullied us badly and created a lot of chances and dangerous situations. We were lucky to go to the break with only a goal behind. Second half, we started fantastic, got a fantastic goal. Then City gradually took a bit over.

All in all, a draw is a good result. City were a bit better than us today in both halves. In the first half, they were much better. So no complaints from me. Anthony Taylor was also very kind to us I note. We escaped some cards.

Still got a splendid chance to win the league after this game, so chin up everyone ! :slight_smile:


A game of two halves;

First half shocking, totally shit the bed and failed to turn up. Finally punished for starting without intensity and being sloppy.
Second half much better, more control and the surprise that if you stop giving it to City and pass it around you can score.

Some proper stinker performances but no names needed.

Happy we got a point.

MoTM was De Bruyne, he is such a brilliant footballer, really wish he played for us.


Much better second half.

For us, continue to play one game at a time, and hopefully AM can d something in the Champions League so that may then affect Shitty’s Prem form.


Wanted the win. Didn’t get it unfortunately but that first half performance was coming looking at some of our last games. Need to improve. Unfortunately not in our hands though need a favour. Thought Thiago was good, Ali also aswell.



Probably our worst away performance since Leicester…but we didnt lose.