Post match: Napoli v Liverpool (UCL 7/9/22 8pm)

Man of the match
  • Alisson BECKER
  • Joe GOMEZ
  • Virgil VAN DIJK
  • Andrew ROBERTSON
  • Harvey ELLIOTT
  • James MILNER
  • Mohamed SALAH
  • Roberto FIRMINO
  • Luis DIAZ
  • Joel MATIP
  • Diogo JOTA
  • Thiago ALCANTARA
  • Darwin NUNEZ
  • Arthur MELO

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Unused Subs: Adrian, Davies, Tsimikas, Bajcetic, Phillips

:arrows_counterclockwise: 45’ Joel MATIP :arrow_right: :arrow_left: Joe GOMEZ

:arrows_counterclockwise: 62’ Diogo JOTA :arrow_right: :arrow_left: Mohamed SALAH

:arrows_counterclockwise: 62’ Thiago ALCANTARA :arrow_right: :arrow_left: James MILNER

:arrows_counterclockwise: 62’ Darwin NUNEZ :arrow_right: :arrow_left: Roberto FIRMINO

:arrows_counterclockwise: 77’ Arthur MELO :arrow_right: :arrow_left: Harvey ELLIOTT

:soccer: 49’ Luis DIAZ



Beat me to it.

Our season is dependant on Thiago staying fit. He wasn’t even here when we won the CL+PL. What’s gone wrong?

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Europa League is the only trophy Klopp hasn’t won yet that he’s competed in with us.

All part of the plan comrades.


That was so poor especially in the first half. The only bit of hope is Thiago, Matip, Jota and new boy Arthur will change our form.

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We always seem to struggle away in Italy, but this was beyond the pale.

This team needs to wake up before this bad dream turns into a nightmare season.

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On a serious note, a performance like that can’t be explained away by “lack of investment” or an “ageing squad”. This ageing squad nearly won a quadruple four months ago. What we’re seeing is a team low on confidence that seems to have lost the desire to bully teams into submission.

Also - we say this every game I swear - we looked so much more in control when Thiago came on. Can we just clone him please? The midfield shape is just awful without him. And defensively… the less said the better.


MotM Diaz hands down with Becker second were the only two that started this match which showed up.

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Desire, some players are too complacent and they aren’t giving their all for the TEAM

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Less talked about that performance the better. If this serves as an eye opener and we learn from this, it’ll be good. We haven’t learnt from the starting 4-5 games so not that hopeful we’re going to stop trying whatever we are.

Love Klopp and everyone associated but need some retrospection this. First group game, not over for sure but will require improvements, massive one. 15 points still for the taking. Don’t let the badge you wear on that chest go down this easily. Expecting some changes and some fight.


Napoli set up to counter. We hand it to them on a plate, with a gift of a penalty in the opening minutes with a stupid outstretched hand.

This means we try to send more players forward, and they keep hitting us on the break. Gomez messed up and got away with it by trying to play the ball rather than clear it. Then he didn’t learn and kept doing it.

Napoli also kept two or three players up, and when we lost the ball, they sent a runner forward to support the counter. If Elliot is playing right mid, Trent tactical position needs to be changed. Can’t leave that open when the opposition has quick players and just trying to counter. Needed the Trent defending from the Everton game, where he actually stayed back more to defend.

Only positives were Thiago getting some minutes (and actually winning the ball in midfield), Ali with a couple of saves, and Diaz.

W3, D1, L2 would see us through the group. With Thiago returning, hopefully we start to see a difference.

Yeah I had to give my third to a sub.

Which says it all about the first half, I’m really at a loss where we go. I don’t even think it’s a loss that might shake some out of it.

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Sorry but that was a clear handball from Milner, the second penalty was questionable but not the first one.

Really not sure who is most to blame? Jurgen and his shit tactics, or the players for showing a complete and utter lack of desire? Either way that was the pits, a half of football Rodgers would have overseen. Embarrasing.

I honestly do not get what Klopp’s tactical set up is, if you play a high line you need your forwards and midfield to press the ball and condense space… We don’t do that, yet he doesn’t ask the line to drop. Why have we got midfielders, attackers and fullbacks all on either touchline? What is that meant to achieve bar 30 tepid passes, we get out of position, we try to force the play, lose the ball and get done on the counter… Fuck me its groundhog day, a few games you could argue away but this is every single game we are set up poorly and do fuck all to change it.

When we brought on midfielders who show for the ball, who stay in the middle of the park and link defence to attack by simple passing and moving, who actually make a tackle… Guess what we took some control, its not rocket science, it’s the most basic of things.

You then add to this the countless amount of senior players who just appear to be going through the motions. How many missplaced passes, how many misscontrols, how many fluffed shots, how many set pieces to nothing… The utter basics not done, game after game. The lack of fight and desire shown in the first half I don’t have words, never thought I’d see it under Klopp, some of the seniors on that evidence should have been sold and replaced the summer gone.

Hopefully this is the watershed moment when top to bottom we stop being shit and actually start giving a fuck, because to be frank that was utter dogshit.


I really don’t think it’s a matter of waking up. They are professional footballers who have achieved great things. They know what a performance looks like. They look fucking knackered.

I mean, we can dig out individual performances, throw a few under the bus if it makes us feel better.

But the overriding sense I’ve taken away from every match this season, is that we’re very tired. Everything looks laboured and hard work.

I think we’ve made a godawful mess of pre-season.


Carrying far too much dead weight.

Whether people want to hear it or not, the squad is no longer good enough to compete at the elite level.