Post match: Norwich v Liverpool (LC 21/09/21 7.45pm)

I thought Konate played well. Didn’t get beaten either for pace or strength all night. A couple of misplaced passes but other than that decent on the ball


Good result with very few first teamers playing it’s all very good.

As I said I wouldn’t lose sleep but I kind of needed cheering up as I was returning home after my holiday in Croatia, that’s four from four, maybe I should go and live there.


He was ok but not for 1st team on that showing surely?

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Ox had a shocker. Needed the run.

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Against teams in the bottom half and next to Virg I’d have no problem with him starting


Exactly what I hoped for from the game really. Few worrying moments in the first half, but second was much better and never looked in doubt from the 2nd goal.

Hopefully we get a favourable draw and can put out a similar team in the next round.

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Keita was worse than abysmal in first half he didn’t do anything.


Are next rounds already set?

Wow! JK more critical than I thought!

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I thought Ox was marginally worse

Probably remembering the brutal first half passing.

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Good game by our youngsters. Kelleher was outstanding. A clean sheet and a saved penalty gets the motm for me topping Kostas which also had an excellent game. Love listening to the Kop

Naby off with a knock who would thought it.

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Naby minor knock (kicked the ground) according to the gaffer

I disagree Ox wasn’t playing well but got involved Keita didn’t even get involved.


Might only been a month out then.

Anyone got any info on Morton? Can’t believe I’d never heard of him before this evening.

Naby minor injury according to Jürgen “kicking the grass” :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Tsimikas the outstanding star of the game. Many others were dreadful in the first half, he wasn’t and shone in difficult circumstances.
The rest I have said in the match thread. Just wanted to note that Tsimikas deserved MotM despite not actually scoring himself. Minamino, who had two outstanding goals, was after all anonymous in large parts of the first half, while Tsimikas was excellent the entire game, 90 min.

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He wasn’t on for 90 minutes

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