Post match: Nottingham Forest v Liverpool (EPL 22/10/22 12.30pm)

Man of the match
  • Alisson BECKER
  • James MILNER
  • Joe GOMEZ
  • Virgil VAN DIJK
  • Andrew ROBERTSON
  • Curtis JONES
  • Harvey ELLIOTT
  • Roberto FIRMINO
  • Fabio CARVALHO
  • Mohamed SALAH
  • Jordan HENDERSON

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Unused subs: Adrian, Kelleher, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Tsimikas, Clark, Bajcetic, Phillips

:arrows_counterclockwise: 62’ Jordan HENDERSON :arrow_right: :arrow_left: Fabio CARVALHO

:arrows_counterclockwise: 62’ Trent ALEXANDER-ARNOLD :arrow_right: :arrow_left: James MILNER

:arrows_counterclockwise: 76’ Alex OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN :arrow_right: :arrow_left: Roberto FIRMINO


Beat city lose to Forest.

Fuck off 2022.


Long hard painful season.


With this kind of inconsistency, we won’t win anything this season, that’s for sure.


Can’t be arsed to criticise this. It’s a fucking cursed season. Everything that could go wrong is going wrong. Thiago ruled out with a fucking ear infection. A fucking ear infection.

Could not get a bounce of the ball and then their goalkeeper does that.

Fuck off. Just fuck off.


I am genuinely angry with what I just witnessed.

Pathetic, spineless, insulting performance. No fucking excuse.

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We created plenty of chances but it just wasn’t our day.

All the doom-mongers can do one.


Not enough pace in the forward areas. Nunez was a huge miss today.

Gomez is Lovren with more pace.

Fabinho is embarrassingly bad.

Last week turned out to be another false dawn.

Can’t wait until the world cup is on, looking forward to another break.

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This is how I feel right now

What the fuck has happened to Fabinho? He was a complete liability today. Jones was shit too.


It happens.

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We kept having a go but nothing is going our way you could see it throughout the match.

Fuck off Henderson we made you look good and Lingard you are hopeless.

Better win CL now

Alisson being man of the match in a 1-0 away defeat to the team who were 20th before the match says it all really.

The shocking Virgil miss in the first half is the key moment of the match.


I’m generally an optimist. But there is zero excuse for that performance. We were lethargic, uncreative, sloppy with our build-up play and often looked uninterested. “Plenty of chances” - pretty sure Forest had more shots on target than us!

Abysmal. Insulting.


Fact Forest created as many chances as we did with less than a third of the possession tells you everything…our chances came from set plays, we did nothing else.

Woeful. Nottingham Forest bottom of the table, such a poor side. No excuses not to win. Just terrible. Still haven’t won an away game in the league. Distinct lack of quality. Offered little outside some set pieces. Awful all round.

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Someone accidentally voted for Fabinho as MOM.
Totally fuming with that.
Didn’t look like they gave a fuck tbh.
Was Salah on that pitch in the 2nd half.

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