Post Match: Toulouse v Liverpool (EL 9/11/23 5.45pm)

Player of the match
  • Joe GOMEZ
  • Joel MATIP
  • Jarrel QUANSAH
  • Wataru ENDO
  • Harvey ELLIOTT
  • Luis DIAZ
  • Cody GAKPO
  • Ben DOAK
  • Dominic SZOBOSZLAI
  • Mohamed SALAH
  • Darwin NUNEZ
  • Diogo JOTA
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Unused subs: Alisson, Mrozek, Konate, Chambers, Scanlon, Gordon, McConnell.

:arrows_counterclockwise: 45’ Dominic SZOBOSZLAI :arrow_right: :arrow_left: Kostas TSIMIKAS

:arrows_counterclockwise: 45’ Mohamed SALAH :arrow_right: :arrow_left: Ben DOAK

:arrows_counterclockwise: 45’ Trent ALEXANDER-ARNOLD :arrow_right: :arrow_left: Wataru ENDO

:arrows_counterclockwise: 73’ Darwin NUNEZ :arrow_right: :arrow_left: Cody GAKPO

:arrows_counterclockwise: 81’ Diogo JOTA :arrow_right: :arrow_left: Luis DIAZ

:soccer: 89’ Diogo JOTA (:rightwards_hand: Alexis MAC ALLISTER)

They deserved the win, they wanted it, our B-team thinks they can win matches at 75%, not in a million year.

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I thought Gomez was ok so give him a vote. Everything else about that game was a total shambles, especially the diving, crying bastards in blue and white


It’s a fucking shit performance, but it should be 3-3. It literally says in the UEFA rules that a ball deflecting of the body is not handball. And how many phases back was it? And then, the compound, the ref blows with about two mins left to play. Absolutely fucking dreadful.

As for Toulouse, there was a nasty edge to them. The shithousery is one thing, but when every tackle seems designed to leave something on the player as well, they have crossed a line. Fuck them, I hope they go down.


Robbed at the end, inexplicably, of what would have been an undeserved, but welcome, point.
Sloppy in all areas of the pitch. Complacency? Fatigue?
A lot of players below par, and, worryingly, understudies failing to step up. Tsimikas, Endo, Gakpo all disappointing when given a chance to shine. Toulouse are Luton level, teams we have to be beating, but we made them look like world beaters at times.
Concerned for the near future with Tsimikas our only left back, no real defensive midfielder and Dom and Mac seemingly off the boil. Trent is a major worry.

There was one at the end where Jota ran into the guy. He grabbed his ankle screaming, then looked at the ref, then closed his eyes, grabbed his chest and neck and started crying again

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Tsimikas poor again today. Worrying.

Doak didnt get into the game.

Defensively we were shoddy.

No rhythm in the team at the moment.

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I thought we were poor. Kelleher was the worst I’d seen him: poor organisation at the back and not proactive enough on the goals.

Gomez had a pretty decent game.

I still feel robbed, though. A not-a-handball pulled back on a not-a-VAR incident.

Kind of feel sorry for @Dane as he had an accumulator riding on this.


we were not up for it, same as luton , City comes mentally switched on respects the opponent and presses them like no tomorrow we on the other hand get bullied , robbed counterattacked so easily . To be fair if you want to be a good team you buy good players we have tismikas , endo , harvey players who would never play for a top 6 team

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It’s the same kinda performance like the one with Luton. They move the ball too slow up the pitch, and there’s no urgency and directness in their build up. All they did was passing it on the periphery and allow Toulouse to setup the block. Defensively, they were all over the place. Tsima was terrible and pretty much gift wrapped Toulouse first goal. Up until that point, I didn’t think Toulouse has the believe to beat us. With them scoring first we got even more complacent with ball and before you know it it’s 2 nil.
I think today was one of those game starting Nunez would’ve been better than Gakpo. We needed his pace and runs to stretch their backline. All Toulouse did was crowding the midfield and we had no way of breaking their lines. One over the top ball and we are in trouble. Sounds too familiar these passed three games.
The lads needs to start playing with urgency and swagger, lately it has been too stale and complacent, tonight’s performance was a continuation of the weekend.



Still feel sorry for him but I think he would have lost it anyway because of Ajax, no?


I feel robbed because they are terrible at football and we somehow let them beat us

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No real effort from any of them to step the intensity up and we got what we deserved in the end.

The result is nothing to worry about mind, a blip at most in our qualification to the last 16.

Should be an option for nobody as MOTM.

Let’s hope that Gravenberch is fit for Sunday.

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Goal should have stood but we should have been down to 10 from the first half.

The performance was embarrassing, it merited a loss. Second game in a row against much weaker opposition, in which we largely don’t show up.

We show up like this against Brentford and it will be 3 games in a row without a win.


A bad performance but not too worried about the result. We’ll win the next game at Anfield against Lask.

However, it did feel like a step back for some of the fringe players. Tsimikas, Endo, Elliot, Gapko and Doak were all worse than I expected. Matip, who has been very good this season, was weak second half. kelleher didnt impress, get a feeling he lacks authority.

Gomez and the subs, Nunez and Jota were good.

Now focus on Brentford. Can’t afford to slip up come Sunday.

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Gomez and Quansah didn’t do much wrong. Everyone else was way off the pace.