Post Match: Villa v Liverpool (EPL 26/12/22 5.30pm)

Villa fans calling Nunez a rubbish Andy Carroll was the funniest thing I have heard this Christmas…I wonder if he even knows who AC is :rofl::rofl:


Darwin is a worker…EXACTLY like Mo. Even when they’re noy going in he is working on making the next chance go in.

Agree with all of the above. He will score plenty.


He’s been called it all season so he’s probably cottoned on by now.

Robbo with the most assists by a defender in PL history?!?!

Be still my beating heart…you sexy ginger Scot…



Didn’t expect much, so to come out with 3 points is most welcome.

Good first half although wasteful and really poor second until Bajcetic’s goal which killed off the game.

Klopp’s subs made a telling difference because we were headed for an equaliser. Bajcetic and Keita saved the day.

Nunez has managed to return from the WC with zero confidence in his finishing but otherwise he had a good game.

Last but not least, the way we are defending is suicidal and unsustainable for a prospective top four team.


He doesn’t even understand the Brummie accent to know who they were chanting about.

Thing with Nunez is he misses all those chances but is still pelting it up and down.

Doesn’t miss a chance and sulk.


It’s this personality trait that would have most attracted JK, I reckon.


Do you mean Jude who?

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No, he means hey Jude.

Henderson my Man of the Match.

Important that we started as we finished before the break keep the pressure on the teams above us …:+1:

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Klopp post match -

Liked what he saw.
Could’ve scored the 3rd much earlier.
Villa pushing but we rode the pressure.
Midfield gelling well first half.
Bigs up the changes he made :slight_smile:
Incredible game from Nunez, power and speed.

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How can you not love Nuñez, first season reminds me of Suarez’s, causing mayhem but the goals not going in. Not worried in the least about him.

Naby and Stefan were excellent. Gómez not getting credit for his pass on the 3rd goal.


Henderson was excellent. Fully agree.

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Nunez should have scored 3 , salah at least another goal. The obvious is that we are very short in the midfield . attack wise we are good we have jota, luiz to come back . the problem is the midfield . Trent is a f—cking enigma shocking defending and still produces a great pass to open the defence.

Good to win.
It would be nice to have a tactic!

Trent is fantastic, some tripe being talked about him. Risk and reward.


I loved this game tbh. Blood and thunder all the way through, exactly what we thrive on. None of that slow and steady bullshit. Looks nervy at times, gets the heart pumping but we’ve got players who revel in the chaos rather than having a wall of ten men behind the ball all the time. Highly watchable, jammy at times but three points anyway. Well in to the lads.



We got a good ebening!!!

Was hanging around just for that.


Gabi arse describing Liverpool as a top side in the post match chat.

What happened to the shiity comments he was making :clown_face: