Pre and In Match | Liverpool v Rangers | CL Match Day 2 | 04/10/22 8pm | Anfield

We ask again, don’t be shit… Don’t start without intensity, don’t forget how to defend, don’t lack composure, don’t panic, don’t pass to the opposition, don’t turn up and expect to win, don’t forget we have a shape and cohesion, don’t forget to communicate, don’t forget to do the basics… Please we beg you, don’t be shit.


Gomez - Matip - Konate - Tsimikas

Arthur - Thiago

Salah - Jota - Diaz


Roll the dice Jurgen, this 433 weird kamikaze experiment is over.


If we can’t beat a Scottish team, we really are in trouble.


I anticipate another slow start, mainly due to them throwing everything at us the first 20-25mins which they will do, and then I can see the tide shifting sides but the way we’re playing they have the pace and fight to really make us uncomfortable.

If Ramsay is fit, play him.

Watched Ajax absolutely destroy them and was looking forward to us doing the same but not as confident now, we should still beat them well but our defence needs a good kick up the aris. Give trent a rest and play Joe also start Nunez.

Referee Clément Turpin FRA

Assistant referees - Nicolas Danos FRA - Cyril Gringore FRA
Fourth official - Ruddy Buquet FRA
Video Assistant Referee - Jérôme Brisard FRA
Assistant Video Assistant Referee - Willy Delajod FRA


Milner Gomez VvD Tsimikas
Elliott Fabinho Thiago
Salah Firmino Díaz

I’d go to bed if that’s the back line.


Milner … go away GR :rage:

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If Konate is available I would give him 45, I think Gomez needs to be considered at right back and at home.

Can’t see Ramsey starting even if he is fit. But defence I don’t know what the answer is but I’m pretty sure it’s not Milner.

If we are so far removed from how we used to play we should just go back to how we were, not like Darwin Nunez is even getting more than 10 mins anyhow.


You feeling sorry for rangers? :grinning:

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Lets drop the 4-2-4 double pivot underlapping full back bollocks shall we?

Fuck the high line defence right in the arse as well.

Lets play a normal fucking 4-3-3


Trent - VVD - Matip - Tsimikas

Arthur - Thiago - Fabinho

Salah - Nunez - Diaz

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We have suffered enough already

Won’t happen but I would like to see Konate, Gomez, Arthur, Bajcetic and Nunez in place of van Dijk, TAA, Henderson, Fabinho and Salah respectively.

Depressingly, even Rangers might pose a challenge.


Com’on, just com’on!

If we keep questionning the players we will end up playing ourselves.
We really don’t have a problem with player quality it’s tactics and how they are being implimented. The problem is a tactical issue takes time to remedy and all we can do is be patient. Klopp will sort it out but 1st he has to identify the real/actual issue and I don’t think he has yet.
We’ve been through worst than this, we had Hodgson FFS. What we need to do is stay in contention in the 2 important competitions and hope that as the end of the season nears things fall in place and we seriously challenge.
So let’s win this game!

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Come on what? :grinning:

Win! :crazy_face:

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Can we have our beloved reds back please? Duck’s arse defence and Mo scoring like a sailor in a brothel? Cheers.

I suspect Klopp isn’t sleeping much at the moment.


They’re dog shit. If we can’t beat them then this is officially a crisis