Pre- and In-Match | Liverpool vs Bournemouth | Saturday August 19th 15:00

Thought about stepping down from opening threads but I’m weak and it doesn’t get much easier than Bournemouth at home.

My only wish is being able to play Cody upfront.



Could do with a better drum role when opening a thread GR… Something that starts to build-up the tension and excitement… you know the players will be looking for inspiration from our comments :0)
You should be prepping Jurgens pre-match speech for him

Do the players read TAN?


I hope Lucas doesn’t think I’m some weird stalker bloke.

Yeah I hope not with the comments on Dom :cry:

Anything less than another 9-0 would be an obvious sign of regression.


Just means we would play crap our next game :joy:

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We’d better not. We’ve got the Barcodes after that, and all sportswashing teams need to be crushed.

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Comfortable win will do me.


What would you do differently to this game? I’d rather start Jones in midfield and have Gakpo up front in place of Jota. Aside from that I think we need gametime for the new guys.

Of course I’m assuming Salah is over his strop by then.


You spelt Nunez wrong.

Agree that Curtis should start the game, although Harvey did well when he came on today.


Don’t care who starts in attack but having two of Cody, Darwin and Diogo on bench can be a huge weapon.

Why weaken ourselves by playing our best CF in midfield.


“See, we don’t need another midfielder”, is what everyone will be saying after this game.

Even today’s under performing team will be too much.


At least Henry went to that one today :wink:

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Gomez Ibou Virgil Robbo
Trent Alexis
Szobo Jones
Salah Nunez Diaz

But we’ll most likely see an unchanged side, hearing Klopp in his post match he needs adamant to want to make Gakpo at the left sided 8 work.

I know it’s only on paper but the more I see our regular XI, the more I think aren’t we just a top RB and DM away from being a serious force and making it all come together?

Leveling out corrupt refs by starting with 12 players?

:man_facepalming: I’m tired & it’s been a long day ok!!

Sacrifice Robbo.

We have a top right back. The one who is regarded as the better right back got caught out today far worse than Trent did.


Gomez Konate VvD Robertson
Szoboszlai TAA MacAllister
Salah Nunez Diaz


We have a top footballer who’s played mostly as a RB as that was the position that was available for him to breakthrough in, but now needs a position re-think as he’s pretty much said himself numerous times (including again today) he doesn’t want to be running back.

A top right back doesn’t get repeatedly rinsed as per the first 2/3s of last season.