Pre and In Match | Liverpool vs Newcastle | PL Match Day 5 | Wednesday August 31st 20:00 | Anfield

Well well well… Imagine what happens when this team turns up with some pride, fight, desire and passion… No resting on laurels now, time to kick on and leave the dross first 3 to the archives…

At 13 the 4-3 win v’s Newcastle is where my passion became an obsession… That Collymore finish from that angle what a moment of pure elation…Keegan slumped on the hoardings… Scenes everywhere… That was football at it’s very best…

However, I am older and much more grumpier… No need for such drama, I’ll take a nice 2-0 please.

I’d be going (fitness permitting) with the same team… Time to get some rhythm… Time to win again…


Trent - Gomez - Van Dijk - Robertson

Elliot - Fabinho - Henderson

Salah - Firmino - Diaz


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Same lineup and, hopefully, the same scoreline.

Three points is all that matters, though. We need to embark on one of our long winning runs to close the gap.


33-0 hat trick for every one starting the game


A few games together of VVD and Gomez will get our high line offside machine back ticking nicely.

Elliot was only taken off as super precaution as we were 5 up. The Barcodes of course will pose much more of a challenge, especially Saint-Maximin.

We need to start taking advantage of the ref leniency of the first 30 mins, and disrupt Saint-Maximin, as they will be doing (much worse) to Diaz. $hitty got away as usual with hardly any cards despite constant fouling when Newcastle were going for a swift counter.

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Newcastle are playing today but I have given up on the idea that stuff like this will ever work as an advantage for us.

Hate their project but I have to admit that they have added quality and intensity to their game.

Our game against them in April was already pretty difficult.

Nobody saw the 9-0 coming, certainly not my wallet. This one will be much harder, they’re miles better than United. But I suspect there’s a certain Egyptian who’ll be beyond anxious to bag a hatrick. Now I will bet on that one. As per others, same team please. With that determination and application, we’re irresistible.

Three points and no ( :pray: :pleading_face:) injuries.

Hate to say this, but SaudiCastle has been playing well and have added quality since the takeover. Their aggressive style will cause us problems but will also give us opportunities. Time to show composure as well as hunger. Don’t have the luxury to shuffle the pack but it shouldn’t pose any problems either.


Newcastle have improved, but they’re still a team we should be confident of beating. Just hope we don’t pick up any injuries in training :crossed_fingers:t3:

The golden duo are the match officials, one thing is for sure Newcastle can murder someone in the box, a penalty will not be given.

Referee: Andre Marriner. Assistants: Simon Long, Richard West. Fourth official: David Coote. VAR: Andy Madley. Assistant VAR: Wade Smith.

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There are very few games involving LFC where there are no cheats involved. This one is no different. Coote is a clear cheat and the fact he hasn’t reffed us in the PL since the Van Dijk derby leads me to believe even the ruling bodies know he’s a fucking cheat.
Marriner is a strange one, he’s generally ok but his refereeing during the 1-0 defeat at Southampton a couple of years ago was as corrupt as anything I’ve ever seen.
Wasn’t Wade Smith a clothes shop? :confused:


Michael Oliver refereed the Van Dijk injury game. Was Coote on VAR.

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As @gasband is using his artistic licience for this one I will curb mine and go for a boring 24-0 result. Salah and Alisson letting us down on the hatrick front!

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Only know Paul Smith when it comes to (garish and pretentious) clothes shops.

This is going to be our hardest game to date. Really need to start on the front foot but also play according to the ref and score first.

Newsandcastle at Anfield we need to show them the levels of football they have to reach before they can start buying trophies. Teach them a footballing lesson redmen. By the way any injured players back in time for this.


Bournemouth were really shit, but the three we played before them weren’t that great either. We had to ourselves turn up, else it could have been another nervy game. And thankfully we did. Players looked sharp, more inventive and motivated.

Having said that, this could be our toughest test yet this season. But expecting us to continue from where we left. This game coming sooner and being at Anfield would actually help. Same line up as yesterday, put those points on the board till we get the injured lads back.

He was indeed he has a few incidents of where he has made dubious calls against us the foul on Divock against Man U in the draw and the non penalty for Robbo against Burnley two i vividly remember.

It will be interesting to see if Newcastle have improved from the small team hang on for the draw mentality.

I know. Coote was VAR and exposed himself as the cheat he is with a number of decisions, including Henderson’s disallowed winner.


Same team. Smash Saint Maxim every time he runs with the ball. Take turns in getting warnings and yellows. Then score some goals other end

Same team unless Carvalho is in better shape than Elliot.

If we play properly we should get a hard fought win here.