Pre- and In- Match: Premier League / Norwich City Vs Liverpool / Sat 14th Aug / 1730 hrs

Seeing as I finished last season on a roll!

Allison. TAA, Konate, VVD and Tsimikas.
Fabinho, Keita and Elliot
Salah, Bobby, Mane…

Thiago, Hendo off the bench if required.
This is a great opener for us, hit them early and start off the season with momentum.
Surely we are as best prepared as we can be, and aside from Robbo we will be at peak fitness and availability over the next couple of weeks.

2-0 win, Salah to start with a brace.
Really looking forward to the season!


Is Elliot really in line to start? Exciting!

I’m assuming we will see the following;


Trent, Matip, Konate, Tsimikas

Milner, Fabinho, Keita

Salah, Firmino, Mane

Could easily be Jota over Bobby, but Bobby looked sharp tonight and Klopp loves him.

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TAA Matip VVD Tsimikas
Ox Fab Milner
Salah Jota Mane

3-0 win


Impressed with everyone there’s performances in pre season. Would love to see great attacking football with high pressing and intensity that has been missed last season.

4-0 to the reds. Jota, Salah and Mane x2 goals


A new season, limitless possibilities and joy to the world :slight_smile:

Salah for a brace with an oxy blockbuster.


0-0 until the 85th minute when Taki comes on and scores a hat trick only for Norwich to score 3 in the 91st minute and then Klopp sends on Elliot in the last minute for a corner and he scores with a diving header from the centre circle.


You sure it won’t be Alisson?

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Nonsense, surely that is impossible to happen.

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Million to one chances come off 8 times out of 10.

Wasn’t that an acne cream back in the 80s? :thinking:

Trent Konaté Virgil Tsimikas
Milner Baby
Mo Bobby Sadio

Elliott, Jota and either Hendo or Ox as the three subs.

3-0 to the Tricky Reds.


It started with Norwich in 2019-20 and what a season it was. It starts with Norwich again. Fans are back. Almost every player looks sharp and motivated in pre-season. Last season was definitely an anomaly. Super excited and pumped for the campaign to begin.

Love the positive headache Klopp would have for the starting line up. Except maybe Alisson, Trent, Tsimikas, Salah and Mane it could be anyone that’s how good everyone was in pre-season. Anyways actual games are different than pre-season ones, so fully expect Salah to be the boss at the business end.

The start of something special begins :grimacing:

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Thinking about line ups etc, I feel there is an excitement despite the “lack” of signings and Robbo’s injury.
Whether VVD starts or not, we have four CB’s, who can hold their own agaist Norwich, presuming Nat is still here on Saturday.
In midfield, with Fab at 6 we have serious choices slightly ahead…Elliot is surely a contender plus Milner, Ox, Keita, Jones and that is not risking Hendo and Thiago…
Up front we have four obviously serious options plus a fifth in Taki who was on good form pre season, scoring a few and good overall performances. Plus “false nine Ox” and Elliot who will probably get time in that area of the pitch.

After the horrible periods of last season we now have a bit of something to be optimistic about.

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I like this and would love to see Elliott start but don’t think he’ll be thrown in first game. More likely Milner if Hendo or Thiago aren’t ready, just to get us off to solid start

Probably. Though the notion of attacking the “weaker” sides could serve us well over the season.

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Bit of a banana skin this one.


Sign Suarez quick.

job done.


Trent Matip Van Dijk Tsimikas
Ox Keita
Salah Firmino Mane

I think Ox takes the midfield place that’s up for grabs. He’s had a brilliant pre-season, man of the match last night, and I think he’s played himself in.


I don’t think it’s going to be as easy as some think it would be.

We win 5-0.

Van Dijk did not play a minute together with Kanoté in pre-season, it would surprise me if they were the CB’s against Norwich.

Anyhow, Klopp has some tough choices to make in the coming days.

Oh, we win 1-3.